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MuraCon 2016 just announced,  February 18 and 19 in Sacramento, California...
MuraCon 2016
MuraCon 2016

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a #CMS   Platform

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I'm new to Mura.  I have followed , created 'Page / MuraGoogleMap' and added file to Extended attributes.
But I don't know how to display the map in another mura page. I see a function dspMuraGoogleMap() in event handler, but it requires a file name to display the map.
When I pass the uploaded file name or created page name, I'm getting error in the view. Can anyone share steps on how to use MuraGoogleMaps in another page.

Content expiration email notifications

I'm trying to get Mura to send emails when content expires but they are failing to be sent. 
I know Mura can send email as the 'Forget password ' emails are being sent.

I think I've tried every combination I can think of in Mura Site settings but currently have settled on the following:

Site settings

Default "From" Email Address:
Mail Server IP/Host Name:
Mail Server SMTP Port: 25
Use TLS: No
Use SSL:  No
Use Default SMTP Server: No     



Coldfusion Administrator has the same as Site Settings and has a scheduled task set to run siteMonitor.cfm every minute.   

The server is Centos and is using sendmail.
Mura 6.1

Anything obviously look wrong? I'm confused as to why the forgot password emails are working but not expiring content?                       

Is anyone else having issues with Mura Translation working on the current release of Mura CMS. I follow the video step-by-step, but it does not seem to switch between the different languages.

The only diffetence I see in the video from current version, is the locales.

Any advice would be apprieciated. Thank You.


Has anyone had any luck with importing iCal events into the Mura Event Calendar?

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+Daniel Jansen writes about his experience upgrading a Mura v6.2 Preview instance to Mura v6.2 Release.

Anyone know where I can get Mura 5.6xx documentation?  The docs link from within Mura admin just directs to the current version of Mura.  Thanks!

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+Daniel Jansen documents his experience upgrading to Mura v6.2 Preview, including a workaround for autoupdate bug.
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