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Welcome to Roleplay World. Choose and make your character, step inside that portal and see a whole new world of your choice. Hentai, Medieval, anything. Do anything you please. This community will soon be a Royalty/Kingdom Life Roleplay soon. There will be main characters, so if you want to be some of the main characters, please sign up in the comments.. thank you.


1. Sakura ( +Gold The Hatcher​​​​)
2. Saro ( +Gaara The Great​​​​ )
3. Takanashi ( +KonekoMyWaifu​​)

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as I walk to my cabin, I felt lonely but it didn't bother me, I stepped in my house locking the door behind me as I look out the window to see if nobody is following

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Would a girl please rp with me?
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Sleeping with the Enemy

I can’t tell anyone about this, not even him. It will be my little secret. The woman thought to herself as she slowly pulled off her thick leather gloves she wore and tossed them into the fire that was burning in the fire place in front of her. She also stripped off her thick, black Carhart jacket she wore, which was covered in blood that wasn’t her own, and watched as the materials were being eaten away by the flames. Only a minute or two passed before the clothing, and blood, has been completely incinerated and turned into nothing but smoldering ashes. She lets out a soft sounded sigh and rubbed her eyes gently before grabbing her soft, thick, and very absorbent black bathrobe, stretched, and calmly made her way towards the master bath.

The bathroom was that of a relatively decent size while the way it was designed gave off a sense of elegance to most that entered. The floor consisted of large, and clean, square tiles that were the color of freshly fallen snow which conveniently matched the crown trims that lined the floor, ceiling, and the bottom of the cabinets. The walls on the other hand were painted a light dove gray, giving contrast to the white floors while adding a slight depth to the already large bathroom. A large, dark, cherry wood double vanity could be seen when she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind herself. The top of the vanity was created out of a piece of a dark grey colored marble about a half an inch thick which was carefully glued into place when it was being assembled while two large glass bowls, which were stained a dark teal, sat on the counter as sinks. Inside each bowl there was a small circular, dark silver drain in the center of the base while an elegant silver colored faucet peeked over the edge of the bowl. Beside each of the sinks there was a small silver soap canister filled with coconut and papaya smelling soaps while a tall, dark silver, vase in the shape of a cylinder sat in the middle. It was pressed up against the back of the counter and wall. Toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as dental sticks filled the vase and added a little pop of color. About 2 inches above the vase hung a large mirror that covered more than half of the wall that was remaining while bright light bulbs lined the top of the mirror.
Off to the right of the counter there was a regular toilet, the color of clouds on a sunny day while the toilet paper holder was attached to the wall right beside it. If someone looked towards the center of the same wall one would find a large silver rack filled from top to bottom with towels, hand towels, wash cloths, extra shampoo and body soap, a make-up bag, a trash bin, and lastly a basket for dirty laundry.
On the left side there was a large, relaxing styled white colored bathtub sitting underneath a small tinted window she could look outside, but no one would be able to see her unless they were right in front of the window. A large dark silver faucet protruded from inside the tub as well as the knobs for the water while a small moveable showerhead stood on its stand hear at the edge of the tub above the faucet. And finally, just to the right of the tub there was a nice sized shower incased in ripple like glass making it hard for someone to see inside.

As the woman slowly closed the regular sized door after she entered the bathroom, making herself disappear from any spying eyes that might be around, she lets out a long sigh before slowly taking off her black beater tank-top and racked a nicely tanned, and delicate appearing, blood stained hand through her dark red hair; the color almost identical to the color of the partially dried blood that covered her hands. At that exact moment she remembered she was still wearing one of her wigs and some contacts to hide her true identity. Without a moment to waste or a second to spare she washes off the wet blood on her hands before silently running back into the master bathroom, wearing nothing but a dark purple sports bra and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. As she opened the door to her large walk in closer she moves aside some of her clothes and a couple pairs of shoes to reveal a secret compartment that is hidden by a thin door that blends in perfectly to the wall surrounding it. Inside there were many daggers of different lengths and shapes as well as a couple of guns, as well as a couple mannequin heads for her wigs, as well as a container for her colored contacts she wears. There is even an outfit folded neatly and in the corner she uses when she is about to kill somebody most of the time. Quickly she takes off the wig she was wearing and sets it on a mannequin head before carefully taking out her contacts with experienced and steady hands. Once her contacts were put back in place she looks around and notices something missing. With slight fear gripping her heart she starts to pat herself down before feeling the removable scar on her face and relaxed. With steady and delicate hands she takes it off and sets it inside the compartment with ease. She stares at the contents and memorizes the everything is placed before closing the door, putting her clothes and shoes back in place and walks back to the bathroom calmly.

She closed the bathroom door once more and seemed to relax a little, but before she went any further with undressing herself she walked over to the right side sink and started to wash the rest of the dried blood off of her hands. Out of old habits she glanced up at the mirror for a minute and watched her reflection with calculating eyes.

The woman appeared to be in her early to mid twenties by the maturity of her facial structure while the skin on her face and neck were utterly smooth. There wasn’t a single spot of acne or wrinkles, besides the lines around her upper lip and eyes from all the time she spent smiling in her life and the ones in between her eye brows, anywhere. Nor were there any other possible blemishes besides the fake scar she took off just a moment ago. The texture of her skin felt as soft as a baby’s would, but that was only because of the amount of lotions she put on after the shower. In all reality her skin was tough and durable, which is expected from a murderer. Her body was shaped like that of a relatively decent hourglass, though her waist wasn’t too small nor was her breasts and hips outrageously big. Her stomach was flat and seemed to have the outline of a womanly 6-pack while her arms were slender and gave off the appearance of being weak, though she was all muscle and incredibly strong for a woman of her size.
Her long, metallic grayish-black hair was sealed tight under a shower cap to keep her hair from getting trapped in the wig, incase she were to lose it some point in time. She couldn’t never be to careful about getting caught, especially when she is near the top of “America’s Most Wanted” even though they have no idea who she is or what she looks like. Her dark mercury colored eyes watched herself with what seemed to be a cold, calculating gaze with only a dash of disappointment. Her full natural pink colored lips, which were covered with a light shade of lavender colored lipstick, were pinched down into a small thin line.

How did it come down to this? Oh how I wish I could tell him my little secret.

She thought to herself as she pushed herself off the counter to stand without any support while her now clean hands reached up and turned off the warm water coming out of the faucet. She flicked the excess water off into the sink before slowly making her way over to the shower, hoping to clean herself up before her long time boyfriend, (Y/N), came home. She opened the glass door to the shower with very little resistance from the door before she reached the nozzle for the shower and turned almost always on hot. She then takes off the shower cap and hangs it up on a clear hook before closing the door and walking back to the mirror, while waiting for the water to warm up.

Slowly she removes the clip that was holding her hair up in a tight bun, allowing her long and start hair to tumble down her back while she puts it in her drawer and grabs her brush. A soft hum started to escape her throat as a soft, slow tune filled her head. As the bristles of the brush traveled smoothly through her hair, for the most part, she hummed and watched as the bathroom filled with steam before she slowly set down the brush and stripped the rest of the way and stepping into the scolding hot shower with a relaxed and comfortable sigh.

About 15 minutes passed before the water finally stopped flowing from the shower head and she opened the door to the shower, letting out a small cloud of steam into the already foggy bathroom. She reached out and grabbed her bathrobe that was hanging from a silver towel rack that was on the wall beside the shower and puts it on without knocking anything over. When she tied it off in the front she then reached out a pale colored arm and grabbed a soft white towel that was hanging by her bathrobe and dried off her face, legs, and feet before stepping out of the shower to bend over and wrap the towel around her hair so it would dry. With one swift and quick movement she straightens herself back up again and leaves the towel resting on the top of her head so the water from her hair could be absorbed by the material. As she finished drying parts of herself off she slowly started to walk towards the door, her feet making soft thuds as she traveled until she remembered she didn’t put her dirty close in the basket like she is suppose to. An annoyed sigh escaped her lips before she collected all of her clothes and tossed them in the basket lazily before she walked towards the door and reached out for the knob, only this time her skin was naturally pale while red spots were all over her hand and trailed up her arm.

“Huh, I guess that spray tan stuff doesn’t really wash off with ease.”

She thought out loud before opening the door and allowing all the pent of steam to flow out of the bathroom and into the rest of the house as she exited the master bedroom and traveled towards the kitchen.

When her feet finally left the soft white carpet that covered the bedroom and hallway she found herself walking on a dark oak wooden floor and she smiled as her eyes scanned over the marvelous kitchen that she loves so much. The kitchen was enormous and looked like it had cost a fortune. He had gorgeous black granite counters with steaks of white, gray, and green quarts while the cupboards and cabinets were a beautiful dark cherry wood. An island stood by itself in the middle of the large kitchen with a lip over to edge meaning that it was a breakfast bar as well. The base was made up of dark cherry wood color cabinets and drawers that opened with small silver colored handles. Pure stainless steel appliances gave design and color to the darkened kitchen while white oak, silver, and cream colored back-splash added a little more elegance to the already elegant kitchen. The stools to the breakfast bar were more like comfortable leather lounge chairs with a raised base, which matched perfectly with the chairs in the dinning room. The table in the dining room was a rich black color with blackish-brown leather chairs to match the table. Above the center of the table was a nice medium black chandelier with candle shaped light bulbs.

Bright green numbers on the stove showed that it was almost 8:30 at night and the woman sighed since she still hat to cook dinner yet. With a hum of determination and a stern look in her eyes, the woman strides over to her lady Susan cabinet and opens it with ease before she pulled out a large, black, non-stick pan and a lid that went with it before gently laying it down on the front right burner on her dark stainless steel gas stove. She glances around before reaching over and grabbing a small pitcher of olive oil before covering the bottom of a pan in a thin layer. Once that task was finished she walked towards the freezer and opened the tall door before pulling out a large bag filled with frozen chicken breasts. With a small nudge the freezer door closes and she returns to the stove before opening the bag of the chicken and putting as many pieces that would fit in the bottom of the pan before walking over to the island and washes her hands without any difficulty at all.

Only a few seconds pass before she finished washing her hands and started to dry them off while thinking about what seasoning to use before an idea popped into her head and she smiled. Quickly she put the bag of chicken away before opening a cupboard next to the stove and pulled out some garlic and onion powder, as well as some Montreal chicken seasoning and some mesquite seasoning before putting a thin layer of each on all of the chicken breasts. When she was finished she placed she lid on the pan before turning on the burner and putting the seasoning away. The smell of the chicken cooking slowly filled the house as she removed the pan and flipped the chicken over with a pair of tongs before finally replacing the lid.

Suddenly the faint sound of something scraping against the lock on her front door could be heard before the distinct sound of the deadbolt unlocking could be heard, causing her to stiffen. Quickly, she grabs a large knife and hides against the wall of the kitchen while she listened to the knob click and the door opening as someone walked inside. She didn’t know who the person was, but they were about to get one hell of a surprise. Just as the door closed and she was about to attack a familiar voice could be heard causing her to stop dead in her tracks.

“Helena darling, I’m home!”

(Y/N) called out as he was taking off his shoes. Helena let out a quiet sigh of relief before pushing herself off of the wall and putting the knife back in its place before flipping the chicken breasts once more and smiling and the smoky smell filled the room. Once she put the lid back on the pan she turned around to go out and say hello properly, but instead just leans against the counter and watches him as he hangs up his coat with a smile. (Y/N) has been her boyfriend for a handful of years now and she loved him deeply, but he was also a (chose what law enforcement person you want to be. It can be anyone from an NCIS to an FBI agent) as well as the chief investigator on her murders.

“Something smells delicious! What are you cooking?”

He asked with a smile since he has always loved Helena’s cooking. No matter what she made, he would eat it. She somehow made it to where he liked fish now, which is a big accomplishment and success in her mind.

“Chicken boobies.”

She answered with a bright smile on her face while they both chuckled at her words. She seemed very calm and level headed around (Y/N), as if she had nothing to hide though that wasn’t the case at all. Her voice was light and cheery, as well as casual and carefree. As his footsteps entered the kitchen she moved a little to look at him while her mercury colored eyes shinned with nothing but happiness that he was alright and home at last, yet only a fraction of it was a disguise to hide her cautious and calculating look. (Y/N) walked towards her with long strides before smiling and giving her a small kiss before moving to the fridge and grabbed himself a long neck bottle of beer and spins off the top before sighing and slowly shuffling back towards the living room where his briefcase full of paperwork for him to fill out was.

“How was work today? Did you find anything out about the serial killer yet?”

She asked in a carefree, yet slightly worrisome tone while she flipped the chicken once more before walking out into the living room and leaned against the wall behind the couch, which is where he sat and started to fill out paper work. It acted as though she didn’t need to know the answers, but in all reality those answers helped her stay off the police radar as much as possible.

“It was work. I’m worried about you though…the murders are getting closer and closer to hear everyday and I am afraid that you might be on its list. Please remember to lock the doors and everything while you are home all by yourself, alright?”

He replied as he sets down his beer on the table, as well as his pen and papers, before turning to look over his shoulder at Helena. His eyes shinning with nothing but sincerity and worry about what he said which caused her heart sting with guilt. She wanted to so badly tell him that it was her, to open her mouth and let all the secrets she has been hiding from his to pour out her like a fountain…but she knew there would be consequences if she did such a thing and she wasn’t ready to face them. At least, not yet anyway.

“Don’t worry I will be fine. I know how to defend my self with a blade and if all else comes to fail I will use a gun if I absolutely need to.”

She reassured him with a smile before pushing herself off the wall and back to the kitchen to finish cooking the chicken breasts while her turned on the news as background noise while starting to fill out all the paperwork she was assigned to completely before the next morning arrives, but his mind just couldn’t stop focusing on Helena and hoping she would be okay whenever he wasn’t around. He knew he shouldn’t doubt her abilities, but he just couldn’t help it anymore. She was his first priority above everything else.

Early the next morning, before the sun had the chance to rise, (Y/N) woke up to the alarm he had set on his phone which he had set last night before coming to bed after all the paperwork was finished. He lazily moved his hand and grabbed his phone before fumbling around with the large chunk of metal and plastic since it didn’t want to cooperate with him. After a couple more moments he finally turned it off and turned his head to look over at Helena as she stirred, but relaxed as she seem to fall back into her deep sleep. A small and loving smile slowly formed his face while his rough fingers gently brushed away her long, metallic black bangs so he could gaze at her beautiful face. He was deeply in love with her and everybody who saw them together knew it. They were the dream couple to everyone. They were crazy at times, funny, loving, cute, respectful, kind, caring, and most of all: faithful to one another.

He had laid there for a couple more minutes, just watching her eyes dash back and forth underneath her eye lids and her side rising and falling from her breathing, before remembering the task he volunteered to do today and slowly climbed out of bed to get ready. He walked around the house with silent footsteps while when he does move things around he does it as quietly as possible, in hopes to not wake up his peacefully sleeping girlfriend. As an hour passes by like minutes (Y/N) was finally ready to leave, but first decided to write a note for Helena telling he won’t be back until later. He slowly sets down the pen before grabbing the keys to his car and leaving to go to a specific address.

Yesterday (Y/N) received a call from a person who was saying he would be the next person the serial killer would cut down so (Y/N) decided to check up on the lead and wait to see if they would show. He prayed the sick bastard who is doing all of this would show up so he could capture them. He hoped that by doing this he would gain a little respect amongst his co-workers at work while also having a reason to celebrate and get drunk with Helena and a few of his friends.

When he finally arrives at the address he pulls in the driveway and parks his car in the empty garage before noticing a small team of (choose what law enforcement team you want) was inside already waiting for him. Without any hesitation he grabbed his badge and his gun before closing the garage door and walking inside the house and preparing for anything that is to come. He noticed a thing of gas-masks and smiled since he was prepared for anything. He gathered everyone in the living room and prepared himself to give the prep talk like most leaders would.

“Alright everyone listen up! We have reason to believe that the owner of this house is the next target for out mysterious serial killer. As we all know we should be prepared for everything since we don’t know what to expect from the killer, so grab a mask put your sunglasses on, pull out your weapons and await patiently for further instructions. Once we are in place you don’t move for anything. I don’t dare if you are uncomfortable or you gotta shit. You should’ve done that before you came. Our one goal is to keep people safe while getting everyone out of her alive, do you understand me?”

“Sir yes sir!”

The men responded before (Y/N) waved a dismissive hand and they all went to fulfill their orders. While some went to the bathrooms the others grabbed a pair of sunglasses, a gas mask, and finally some ear protection in case it the killer wants the target to temporarily lose their hearing before their life.

As the time passed the men all finished what they needed to do and held as still as statues in their hiding spots. Hours passed and nothing happened, some were starting to think was a fake rumor so the person could leave the country for free while the men were getting hungry since it was around noon already. Suddenly the sound of someone picking the lock to the front door could be heard making everybody’s adrenaline to start pumping through their system while (Y/N) his weapon and prepared for an attack. He takes out of his ear buds to hear what was going on as the door is now unlocked and slowly opening with a squeal. After a moment of silence the person walked inside and he could hear the familiar clicking of heals against the floor.

So the killer is a woman

He thought to himself as he waited for the person to come inside more. Once they did he immediately stands up and aims the gun at the front of the killer with a cold and deadly look in his eyes while Helena’s fake blue colored eyes widened. She looked around before seeing a little motion hear and there, revealing that he wasn’t alone. That day she wore a wig created from short, and dark red hair that was almost the color of blood while her blue contacts were as dark as the Mediterranean Sea. Helena wore a pair of short, wide heeled boots that raised her off the ground, so their height wouldn’t match, while she wore long and dark pants that were flexible, lightweight, and hid how tall her heels actually were. Her top was hidden underneath a heavy duty, black and read jacket that provided her with great protection, but also slowed her down just a little bit while she ran. And lastly, she wore a thick black scarf around her face to hide her identity so she couldn’t be drawn by a sketch artist.


He exclaimed with dead seriousness in her voice while the door behind her slammed shut and the team slowly started to submerge from their hiding places. Helena looked around with wide eyes before she grabbed a canister from a bad she was carrying and tossed it at her feet before grabbing one of her daggers from her aim and throwing it at (Y/N) arm before he could fire his 9 mm weapon at her. As the gas filled up the room she dashed towards the window and opened it as fast as she could before jumping out and running away, desperately trying to escape.

(Y/N) shouted in pain when feeling the sharp blade embed itself deep within his flesh before running to the window and watching as the murderer ran away to a nearby motorcycle and started to drive in the direction he and Helena shared. His heart started to pound when seeing this before he….

(Please excuse any mistakes I might’ve made. The way the pictures are: Picture 1: Helena. Picture 2: Helena in her disguise. Then all the rest is what you want.)


1. no text talk or emojis
2. male needed
3. ask permission before joining
4. When asking permission please answer these questions in the same comments.
~What color are the walls in the bathroom?
~What is Helena’s natural eye color?
~what is the most important thing about their relationship?
5. if you want to do this ask, don’t just like
6. 10+ lines (I can do 20+ sometimes as well if you prefer to have that many lines)
7. Everything is allowed, this can become very dark if you wish and I don’t mind that I all (I prefer darker theme’s anyway)
8. Do not mention me every 10 seconds. If I don’t respond AFTER four days, then mention me.
9. Don’t abandon without telling me first.
10. No god modding
11. Please give me a name and a character description in your response
12. third person P.O.V preferred but not required.
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"What's wrong Alex? Ya scared?"
"Like hell I am!" The young, fierce, red headed woman snapped while glaring dagggers at her friend.
"Then take the bet. Prove to me that you are not afraid of some silly rumor." Max, her best friend, provoked causing the the red head to bite her full, pink, lower lip. It wasn't that she was afraid to take the bet, but that she was feeling so lazy and didn't really feel like going to the abandoned warehouse on the edge of town, surrounded by a thick vegetation called a forest, that weekend.
"I don't think w-"
"Fine, I accept the bet. If I win you are in my debt until I say it has been payed in full. If you win I will be your girlfriend like you so desperately want." Alex informed strictly while holding out her hand for Max to shake, which he did with great eagerness. "Now that doesn't mean do everything you possibly can to make me lose on purpose either."
"Don't worry sweetheart, by the time 3 days have passed you will be happy in my safe arms." Max stated while pointing at himself, his dark chocolate brown colored eyes were closed while he wore a proud smirk on his tanned face. Alex glanced over her right shoulder to look at Maddie before silently rolling her eyes and pretending to gag. Don't get her wrong, she loved the big, clumsy, and funny brunette with all her heart; but she wasn't interested in anything more than a friendship with him.
"Keep dreaming hotshot ," she stated as she chucked Max's own backpack at him since it was right beside her. It hit his head with a soft thud but also with enough force to knock the clueless man over and make him break away from whatever thoughts he may have been thinking. Maddie let out a small and cute little laugh escape her lips while Alex grabbed one hand with her stomach and laughed as loud as she could while she used the other hand to temporarily point at the backpack behind Max. "I can't believe you didn't see that coming!" She exclaimed as she slowly started to force herself to stop the laughing fit.
"Haha, very funny," he mocked as he moved his backpack away and sat up once again. "You won't be laughing tomorrow evening." he reminded her causing Alex to scoff.
"Yea right! This is all a rumor that some kid who was high on drugs created when the wind made a door close a little." Alex assumed with a small shrug while raising her hand and waving it; as if dismissing the thought she was having. "Besides, you know I don't scare easily. People say I have to much of a fighters spirit and pride to be chased away by some fake ghost stories."
"I know that, but your fearlessness and recklessness is what scares me the most Alex. I mean, you jumped off the freaking train trusles into the river 3 different times! (True story by the way.) If that doesn't scare you away, I don't know what will! Besides being face to face with death." Maddie informed, her dark green eyes eyes filled with absolute seriousness. "T-that is why Flame and I are coming with you to the warehouse! Just to make sure you don't get yourself killed on accident." Alex looked at the small woman beside her with surprise while both her and Max gasped at the same time. Maddie was usually the scardey cat in the group so to hear her say those words was surprising.
"And I take it Flame already agreed to go through with this ahead of time?" Alex inquired while watching as Maddie nodded her head firmly, making her curly black hair bounce against her forehead while falling into her eyes. "Then I guess I have no choice but to allow you guys to come along. Just don't over react or scream every time you hear the wind blow, alright?"
"You got it Ali." Maddie answered as she called Alex by her nickname she created in elementary school all those years ago. She was completely shocked that Maddie still remembered that name.
"You know I hate being called that, don't you?"
"Yep!" Maddie answered cheerfully while Max chuckled which earned himself a cold and deadly glare from Alex. When seeing her sharp gaze directed at him Max quickly loses his smile and clears his throat before quieting down once again. "I said it because I know how much you loathed it and wanted to see how you would react. Frankly I am very pleased with my results."
"Whatever." Alex stated with a sigh before it rapidly turned into a long and quiet yawn. "Guess that is a sign for me to go. See you later." And without a single second to spare Alex gets up, waves goodbye, and goes home.

The next day was a nice and warm from the sun hanging high in the clear blue sky while birds flew around, singing their beautiful and harmonious songs. Maddie, Flame, and Alex all stood in front of the large 4 storie warehouse holding large duffle bags in each hand and a back back on each of their backs. As a couple of minutes pass of no one moving forward Alex let out a small sigh of irritation before walking towards the large door. "Cowards." she mumbled to herself while her friends watched her as if she were crazy. Of course she could feel their stares on the back of her neck and a hidden smirk started to form on her face. She carefully sets down a duffle bag to free her right hand and wraps her fingers around the handle before she slides the doors open, but only enough for her to peek inside. A loud scream escaped Alex's lips causing both Maddie and Flame to scream the same time as her, but Alex's screams immediately turned into loud laughter.
"That's not funny Alex!" Flame snapped when she finished screaming at the top of her lungs. Maddie nodded in agreement while both of the girls dropped their duffle bags and crossed their arms while glaring daggers at the laughing red head.
"Oh don't twist your panties in a knot, it was only a prank. Geez." Alex informed before sliding the door the rest of the way open, picks up her duffle bag, and calmly walks inside the large warehouse while looking around. Her friends reluctantly followed her inside before setting down their bags in the middle of the spacious room and started to set up. They brought with them portable, as well as mountable, cameras, recorders, wakie-talkies, monitors, and other things they might need to prove whether ghosts actually resided in the large abandoned warehouse or not.
While the young women were setting up camera's in different rooms, Alex was left alone on the main floor to hook up the monitors when she heard her name being called over and over again. The voice coming from the direction of the woods. At first she thought it was Flame trying to get her back from the small prank she pulled earlier before she realized that Flame was on the third floor, not outside. Sure that was a little nerve racking for Alex, but she decided to ignore it as best as she could and continued to go back to hooking up the monitors.
When she was finally finished with her job and her friends were on their way back to the main floor, Alex grabbed a large box of salt and started pouring a large circle of it around the equipment and chairs. "Is that really necessary Alex?" Madde asked as she approached Alex while the looking at her as though the young redhead belong in a insane asylum.
"Hell yea it is! I watch Supernatural and salt prevents ghosts, especially vengeful ones, from coming near and attacking us. Trust me, if this place is actually "haunted", you will be thanking me later." Alex answered with a proud smirk on her face.
"I support that claim!" Flame jumped in making Alex's smirk grow a little more while Maddie scoffed with disbelief. "What?! The show is spot on about ghosts! My house was haunted and they tried to attack me. I finished watching and episode on Supernatural about vengeful spirits and stood in the middle of a salt circle and none of them attacked me. The lights even flickered and the air went cold so I knew they were there." Flame explained and Alex patted her back.
"That's my girl." Alex said with a smile before everybody broke out laughing. The mysterious voice continued to repeat her name and it seemed like she was the only one who could hear it. Not only was that annoying, but it piqued her curiosity. "I'll be right back, I have to go check something out really quick." Alex stated before running out of the warehouse, ignoring all of her friends worried questions.
Bright green leaves with the sun shining through them hung above her head in a thick canopy while birds rested upon think brown branches and nests. In the distance she could hear squirrels scampering around in the leaves and plants while a woodpecker pounded its beak at the trees. A small, bright white smile appeared on Alex's face since it was truly, a beautiful day.
She doesn't know how long she has been walking, searching for the source of the voice that was repeating her name over and over again when it suddenly stopped!
Alex looked around her Surroundings and noticed that the forest seems darker and had an eerie feel to it. She shook her head trying to get rid of the scared feeling and thought that was just a cloud that was taking its sweet time passing by, not even thinking that the sun might've actually set already and it was in the late evening.
Deciding that she has been out long enough Alex spared one last quick glance around her surroundings before walking back towards the direction of the warehouse. Going down the same trail.
Stupid choice.
Alex took about three steps forward before an arm wrapped it self around her stomach, holding her arms in place by her sides with an iron grip well another hand covered her mouth which prevented her from screaming.
"Looks like I've finally caught you." A deep, male voice whispered in her ear; his voice filled with pride. "Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to Lure you away from the others without arousing any kind of suspicion?" He asked with irritation before he took a deep sigh, as if he was trying to calm down once more. "Oh well, that doesn't matter anymore. Brace yourself for little Miss Alex, it's about time I enjoyed my new prize." He warned with a menacing tone before moving his hand from Alex's mouth, only to grab her hair and roughly pull it to the side, forcing her head to tilt and leave her neck exposed to the hungry vampire. Alex felt the heat of a breath against her neck and winced quietly before she felt his sharp fangs sink deeply into her carotid artery causing her to scream out in pain.
She started struggling as violently as she could in his strong grasp trying to free herself, but it was useless. She tried screaming and crying for help, but then we made the feeding vampire angrier and the experience even more painful for the young woman. After a handful of minutes Alex started to feel lightheaded from all the energy she had lost while struggling and the lack of blood coursing through her veins. Her lightheadedness was so bad that she had to actually lean herself against the vampires strong body just to stay upright.
A small smirk formed on his lips since he likes seeing her this weak before an idea so we formed inside of his head. Slowly he started pulled his sharp fangs out of her neck while his voice spoke once again. "My my my, you're a feisty one aren't you?" He inquired before pausing just for few seconds, "I Think I'll keep you around for a while." He finished as he roughly removed his hand from Alex's luscious red hair and started to reach into his pocket. Her hazy blue eyes watched his hand emerge from his pocket with a filled syringe clutched in his fingers, only to widen once she saw the liquid inside. That's vampire venom. She thought to her self as she watched the syringe coming closer to her and weakly started to struggle once more. I can't let him inject me with tha- it was to late. The needle was already embedded deep within her neck and she could feel the venom entering her body before sharp pain paralyzed her, and another me her fall unconscious.
As her body fell limp within his arms he......

1. Ask permission before joining
2. Read everything before asking and either answer the questions that follow or say "VAMPIRE"
~ what is the bet Alex had to do?
~What are the name of her two friends that were at the warehouse with her?
~ what show did she say she learned the circle of salt idea?
3. If you want to do this role-play ask, don't just like
4. No text talk or emoji's
5. Be semi-descriptive. 6+ lines
6. Everything allowed
7. You may do whatever you want to with my character
8. no god modding
9. Don't abandon without telling me first
10. Have fun

(please excuse any mistakes that may be in the starter. I was kind of in a hurry to post this.)
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"There was another victim your majesty." An armored soldier reported to the throne as he was down on one knee and bowing respectfully. "His side informed us that his name was Levi Malkovich, he was a 25 year old man who was an apprentice at the nearby blacksmiths shop. His wife also stated that he was home before sunset and was sleeping peacefully in bed when he was killed. All the windows and doors were said to be locked while the fire place was fenced." The soldier finished, purposely leaving out the cause of fear since the king already knew. A tired sigh escaped the young kings pink lips before he spoke while gently rubbing his temples. His voice was deep yet filled thought and great urgency.
"I want her found and brought to me before even more blood of the innocent is spilled by her hands. Captain (Y/N)! Gather your strongest men and go capture this criminal as soon as possible. You are to use any force necessary as long as you don't kill her." The king ordered firmly while utter seriousness shone in his eyes, making the soldiers head to drop. The soldier, captain (Y/N), knew that trying to capture her alive was a suicide mission; but unfortunately he could not go against the kings orders.
"Yes sir," was all that he said before he rose to his feet and walked out of the large throne room. The soft sound of iron and metal clinking together could be heard with each confident step he took. His mind was so focused on how he should asses the situation that he didn't even realize he walked straight into the weaponry room and started to prepare for tonight.
"Hurry (Y/N), before she comes after me." The king whispered to himself faintly to himself after hearing the loud bang of the door to the throne room close. The young, middle aged king hung his head, letting his long black hair fall over his shoulder for a minute as a trembling sigh escaped his lips once more.

It is true that a killer lurks somewhere deep within the large Kingdom of Weveoros, but the confusion thing is that nobody knows her name or what she looks like. She is always rumored to have on a mask that hides her appearance from everyone who sees her, and she only appears at night.
Every night when the sun finishes setting and the sky is stained the dark color of red, the woman could be seen as she was perched on top of the tallest building. Black smoke appeared robbed coming off of her clothes, as if she were on fire; but no flames were visible. Nor did she seem to be in any pain.
As the time passes and the darkness was slowly creeping over the Kingdom, people rushed to their homes as fast as they could. Children ran to keep up with their parents while confusion was evident on their face. The woman watched with amusement in her eyes as the people scurry underneath her, wanting to feel that false sense of security in their homes. Just the mere thought of that alone made her laugh to herself while her head tilted upwards to peer at the sky. It was almost dark. Impatience seemed to bubble within her being while she forced herself to wait just a few more minutes.
When the dark, cold night finally arrived and blanketed the whole Kingdom a sick and twisted smirk appears on her hidden red lips. She let out a small and quiet sigh of joy while slowly rising to her feet with ease. She walked towards the edge of the roof and gazed down at the ground before calmly stepping off. As she fell towards the ground her mask never moved from her face and the cover of darkness prevented any onlookers from seeing her eyes if they spotted her. Seconds seem to pass as if they weren't even there before her feet landed on the ground with a soft, gentle, and quiet thud. The mysterious woman straightened out her hood before the smirk she was wearing grew into a smile and she silently raced off to do what she did every night. Murder a poor innocent person without them learning her identity, or even getting a change to struggle.
No man, woman, or even a child has seen her up close and lived to tell the tale. The woman was rarely ever seen in the distance by onlookers after dark, and she never failed on a murder. It doesn't seem to matter how many precautions a person makes, or how much they struggle. They always wind up dead. As do any witnesses to the crime.
Since nobody seems to know anything about her, people created names for her as well as many rumors about who she was and why she was doing such awful things. They called her: Abatu, Agramom, Ahpuch, Alastor, Alu-demon, Aosoth, Bar-Lgura, Bune, Carreau, Euronymous, Hela, Metztli, Mictain, Shiva, Troian, The Reaper, The Smoking Shadow, and The Night Walker. They even named her weapons: The Blades of Hell, and, The Hands of the Devil.
As for the rumors, people liked to use a little of their imagination. One of the rumors is that she is a young beautiful human girl who the Devil fancied. One day the devil decided to make her his and possessed her, forcing her to drive away everyone she loved and then was forced to do his dirty work too, completely breaking her from the inside. When the devil thought he could never make her love him he tried to leave her, but stopped when hearing her beg for him not to go. She said that if he left she would be all alone, and her life would be so boring. So she asked the Devil to stay and they've been killing people together ever since.
Another one is that when she was a child her parents abused her terribly, and nearly killed her many times. She prayed and prayed for help to come and save her, and after enough time someone did come and offered her a deal. He would set her free of her living hell; but only if she works for him and kills the people he wants dead whenever he wanted. She quickly nodded since she would do anything to get away from her parents. The man smiles before handing her a knife and telling her to go and kill her parents who put her through so much pain. With barely any hesitation she takes the knife before weakly stalking out towards the living room an stabbing her parents to death. When she was finished she realized that her heart was raising while her stomach did backflips from the smell of blood. Her mind started to feel guilty about what she has done to her parents. But then.....she smiles. The guilt seemed to suddenly vanish while her stomach was doing backflips of excitement. The adrenaline in her veins made it to were she couldn't stop shaking, yet the smiles and laughter wouldn't stop either. She decided as a child that she didn't want to work for the man and kill only when he wanted her too, but to kill whenever she wanted to; so she ran away as fast as she could and started to kill for fun. People say she wears the mask to hide her identity from the man she broke the deal with.
And finally, the last and most popular rumor that the people believe is: God was watching over their kingdom all the time ago and was outraged by all the sins that people were committing, and how people were starting to believe less and less of him. He summons the angel of death and orders her to go to the kingdom of Weveoros and slay whoever shall disobey my word and sin. He then gave her a mask to hide her identity so know one would ever know she was an angel.
Sure there are more rumors than just those three, and about a lot more things than her past, but those three were her favorites.

That night was the same as any other night for the mysterious woman. She seemed to appear out of no where and sat on the tallest building in the kingdom, besides the castle since that was going to happen in a couple more days, and watched as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon. The sky started to slowly turn from the bright yellow-orange it was earlier to a dark red, and then slowly changing to black. A light warm breeze flew by here, making her hood rattle gently against her face while moving the black colored smoke toward the deserted streets. It seemed like the townspeople have decided it would be safer for everyone if they enjoyed the view of the sunset from inside their houses. Children were called home earlier, forcing them to end their games to soon and say goodbye to their friends, while adults who were out jogged/ran back to their houses as fast as they could. Praying that they wouldn't be the killers next victims.
As the cover of darkness was nearly upon the quiet kingdom, a wicked smile appeared on the woman's lips underneath her mask once again as she slowly started to rise to her feet with ease. The loud sound of marching, iron and metal clinking, and the sounds of pebbles vibrating on the cobblestone streets caught her attention, making her stop herself from leaving and watched the surrounding areas, wanting to see what was going on. As the noises came closer and closer to where she was standing she also hear the faint sound of hooves, as well as the sound of a large wooden carriage used for hauling hay. "The king finally made his move." She whispered to herself before releasing an amused sigh. "Well I took him long enough, I was starting to think he tucked tail and ran away." The woman turned so her back was towards the once deserted streets and started to walk across the roof of the building and started to prepare herself for the jump when a loud, and confident voice echoed from behind her.
"Stop right there!" They spoke, "By the order of King Maximus, you are hereby under arrest for the slaughter of innocents. Will you surrender, or will we have to use force?" Captain (Y/N) questioned, his voice was calm and smooth, yet filled with completely seriousness and confidence. "I have seventy men will me tonight, all covered in armor and equipped with their own weapon. I would advise you to surrender before you end up hurt." They continued while motioning behind themselves.
Many men and women alike lined up behind the captain and stared up at the famous killer with as little fear possible. Each soldier was dressed from head to toe in armor made up of iron and metal, making it difficult for her to kill them unless she attacks from the small holes in the armor (armpit, neck, things like that). And everyone there tonight knew that there was a high chance of dying and was willing to take that risk if it meant protecting the lives of others.
A dark and menacing chuckle sounded from where the killer stood on the roof of the building. Slowly she raises her hand up and stops when they are beside her head before stepping in a semi circle and turning around to be face to face with the soldiers that were there to capture her. "Answer me criminal!" (Y/N) shouted up at her in a cold and angered voice since they hated being ignored. He gazes up at her with fearless eyes while secretly tried to get a good look at her face but couldn't. It was to dark.*
Her clothing she was wearing also made it slightly difficult for him to see what she was wearing, yet he could see the gold on her clothes and the feminine silhouette which told him it was definitely her. "Answer me this. There once was a woman who killed for a living, but first a person must be giving. When she couldn't be controlled anymore, and started killing for fun. The man decided he was done. So here are all of his horses and all of his men, but is the bad one really the woman?" She asked in a light tone though her riddle was dark and meant as a distraction for her to get away, though what she spoke was the truth.
(Y/N) frowned upon hearing her words but his mind barely payed any attention to a word she was saying. She acts as though this is a game. Doesn't she know we are being completely serious? They thought to themselves with aggravation before calming themself down and speaking to her once again. "If you do not surrender now we will use force." They warned coldly, giving her one last chance while his soldiers grab their weapons and prepare for an attack. Another dark and menacing chuckle escapes her lips before she lowered her hands and glanced at the people peeking out their windows.
"That's what I'm counting on." She stated before turning around and dashing towards the edge of the roof. Before (Y/N) could give any orders the woman leaped off the roof and plummeted to the ground, feet first. It was only a second of two before she landed on the ground with a soft, gentle, and quiet thud. She quickly glances around her before bolting down a random direction, trying to get a chase going since she always loved those.

(sorry this isn't as long as the other one.)

1. No text talk or emojis
2. Male preferred to play (Y/N) but not mandatory
3. Please ask before joining
4. Please answer these questions when joining
~what are three names she is called?
~what is the most believed rumor?
~how many men did the your character have with them?

5. 10+ lines
6. Be cool headed when around the king but maybe a little sadistic with her.
7. When chasing her and attacking don't just say "knocked her out..." she knows how to fight so let her fight
8. Have to play multiple people.
9. Don't abandon without telling me first
10. Give a small character description either before you comment or somewhere in your comment.
11. If I don't respond after 3 days then mention me.
12. Please try to strategize. Use the 70 men you have to your advantage.

(Please excuse any mistakes and I will send the pps tomorrow)
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Would a girl please be the dominant one in an rp?

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Vampire hunters are suppose to be things people make up in scary stories or stories of any kind involving a vampire; but unfortunately that isn't the case now a days. Just like vampires and monsters, hunters were created to defeat them. How do you become a hunter might you ask? Well first you are either an orphan or a child that ran away between the ages of 8 to 13. People wearing black suits while having a very scary and intimidating feeling comes up to you and offers you a for them and you won't ever have to face your problems with your families again, and, for a bonus, they will give you almost anything you could possibly want.

The second step is to start the training. At first it may seem normal and silly things like going for a small run or lifting weights to make sure you keep your strength up, but it slowly turns into more than just that. They start to train you with staffs and spears; how to defend yourself, how to attack, and everything else you may need to know when engaging a dangerous person or going into battle.

The third step is to actually engage with a professional hunter to see how far you are on the scale and what areas you need improvement on. Your orders are to kill the hunter or else they kills you; and with the way that they look at you....that story is very convincing. "Fight until you are unable to anymore," was all that you coach says before the battle begins. How long the fight takes and how high you are on the scale of hunters all depends on the type of person, and fighter, you are. Some pass and go onto the next step, the ones that fail either go back to training to improve their skills, or are killed because they have seen the operation and are unable to meet the standards of what is wanted from them.

The final step is to actually take out a target assigned to you by the higher ups. Nothing is said to you and no information is given besides a small folder containing only what you absolutely need to know about the target. Usually you are giving an infiltration mission for the first time before killing them, but every once in a while a person might receive permission to eliminate the target suitable for them.

Alex has been hunting vampires for as long as she could remember. The reason why she wanted to become a hunter was because she watched a vampire kill her family and then try to cover its tracks by burning the house down, leaving Alex trapped inside when she was only a little girl. She didn't know who was the one that pulled her out of the fire and saved her, nor did she seem to care, all she wanted right at the moment was revenge on the sick and hungry son of a bitch that murdered her family.

Without her realizing it the secret organization has taken a liking to the young red headed woman. She was the youngest recruit among all of the hunters that passed the tests, and had the most promising results. She was a hunter prodigy that everyone within the organization wanted to meet; but unfortunately for them it was like her heart was made of stone and all she seemed to care about was revenge and protocol.

It was a cool September night. The light breeze made the leaves on the trees rattle gently while distant sounds of animals crawling in the woods could be heard. The stars shined like billions of tiny diamonds scattered throughout the large black sky while the half moon was so bright that it provided what little light was needed. Alex stood in the middle of a large grassy field with a lightweight, camouflaged crossbow in her hands and the extra arrows laid on her back in an almost weightless quiver, but of course that wasn't the only weapon she was carrying.

Earlier that fine evening she decided to wear a pair of durable black jeans that were surprisingly stretchy and easy to move around in. Alex filled both of her front pockets with small trackers and a silent alarm system so the organization could find her if something went wrong. She also wore a tight tank black tank top underneath a real tree camouflage long sleeve shirt that fit her loosely since it was a size to big. It also hid her movements if she were to pull out a hidden dagger while trying to avoid unwanted attention. In between the tank top and her long sleeve shirt there was also a small black, Smith and Wesson .380 pistol that Alex always carries around with her. As one last precaution Alex put on a medium-thick black hoodie that went down past her butt, con sealing the weapons she was carrying even more. Quickly she put 3 extra loaded magazines for her pistol in her pockets.

Alex doesn't know how long she has been out here in these woods and she didn't really care about something like that either. All she wanted was to kill the one responsible for ruining her life. The downfall was that she knew she wasn't strong enough to defeat that twisted vampire yet and the only way she knew how to become stronger was to train more frequently and harder. She comes out to the same field every night and pushes herself to the limit as much as she can out here before traveling back to the quarters and training even more there. Whether it be punching at a bag in there training room to running on a treadmill or doing other physical activities in her bedroom when she was suppose to be sleeping. But no matter how hard she worked herself or how little she slept she had, Alex was up every morning with everyone else and did what she was told to do; never complaining about how sore or tired she was.

With an exasperated sigh Alex lowered the cross bow before walking to the target she set up to see how bad she did. All of the arrows were just a hair off from being in the bright red bulls eye and she growled. Gently, she kicked the small, square shaped target onto the ground, so it was lying face up, before pulling out the arrows with frustration. The only reason she has been training at night is because at that is the time vampires like to hunt or move around. If she can't hit the dead center of a bulls eye every time she fires there would be no way she could hit a figure moving as fast as a vampire does. Her frustration with herself only boiled inside of her the more she thought about what she had to do before the night was over. "Dammit why can't I get this? They made us hit dead center every day while in training, I should be able to do this without a problem!" She snapped at herself; her voice rising with every word.

"It's probably because you haven't been assigned a vampire that was much of a challenge yet." A deep, mysterious voice spoke to her while the person itself decided to continue hiding in the shadows of the surrounding forest. "The Hunters Association have a soft spot for you...but then again that isn't very surprising at all. You are special in your own unique way." the voice continued while small traces of amusement could be heard. Alex glanced quickly at her surroundings, hoping to spot a figure that wasn't there earlier or something that could lead her to where the mystery person was; but all she could see was darkness and faint outlines of trees and bushes.

"Show yourself!" She demanded, her voice was as cold as ice and filled with seriousness while the expression on her face didn't give away and hints of fear that would be there if someone else, or a rookie, were standing in her place. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember me? Oh that is such a pity." they said before rustling could be heard from the bushes about ten feet in front of her. She quickly draws an arrow from her quiver, places it in the crossbow and gets ready to fire if needed to while slowly backing up with every rustle she heard. Her dark, blood red colored hair glowed as if it were on fire underneath the pale light of the moon. "You haven't changed a bit from all those year ago, have you Alex?" they asked which made her body stiffen. She opened her mouth to ask but before she could say anything the mysterious figure stepped out of the shadows and into the lighting of the moon.

Stood there was a tall, young, man that was a little bit over 6 feet tall. His skin was as pale as paper while his lips were stained red from, what Alex assumed ,was blood.. Around his neck he wore a thin chain while a small vile filled with dark liquid could be seen from the split in his shirt and jacket, showing off part of his chiseled upper body. The person had long, inky black colored hair that somehow managed to look quite rugged as it fell to his shoulders. His eyes shinned brightly underneath the moonlight and Alex noticed that they were silver. His eyes weren't just a dark grey that looked silver because of the lighting, but an actual silver with a metallic glaze to them.

A jolt of recognition shot through Alex causing her eyes widened. The red head looked at him with surprise and focused hard on trying to remember his name and the exact moment in life she had seen him before, but her memories all seemed to be a blur. A low, deep, and menacing chuckle snapped the young woman out of her thoughts and made her focus on the target. "Who are you?" She asked, her voice cold and threatening. A smirk appeared on his lips before he put his large, calloused hands into the large pockets of his nice leather jacket.

"I already answered that question years ago when we first met. Seems like the hunters fried your brain so you can't remember me unless they allow you too." He stated causing her to scoff a little.

"What did you mean that the organization has a soft spot for me. Why?"

"Like I said earlier, you are special. If you don't know why than it is not my place to tell you; you need to figure that part out on your own." He said with a light, yet serious and dark tone. "Now put down that useless weapon before one of us gets hurt." He suggested as he takes a small step forwards. Alex backs up while bringing the scope to her eyes and resting her finger on the trigger. Her face showed no signs of emotion for him to figure out if she was serious or bluffing. He lets out a loud, and very deep laugh before looking at her with amusement. "Do you honestly think that you can defeat me with a crossbow. A crossbow that you can't even hit the center of a still bulls eyes with?" He asked with a wide smile on his face, making the moon shine on his bright pearly white fangs.

Without any hesitation Alex aimed the crossbow and pulled the trigger. The arrow sinks deep into the soft flesh on his shoulder. Alex smirked as the sense of pride slowly started to fill the core of her being while she grabs another arrow from the quiver on her back and started to put it in the crossbow. Within 5 seconds she had her crossbow raised and was ready to give the finishing blow to the familiar appearing vampire, but....he was gone! Alex never lowered her guard or crossbow as she slowly started to creep around, ready to shoot at anything that appeared to be a threat.

A rough textured hand wrapped around her full red colored lips, muffling any screams or cries for help while the person roughly pulls her back against their chest. As Alex removed one hand from the crossbow to balance herself the person quickly grabs her wrist before twisting it behind her and shoving it in between her shoulder blade, making her cry out in pain. "Not so tough now are ya?" The familiar smooth voice asked which caused Alex to growl with frustration. "I guess you lack the skills of hand to hand combat that a hunter needs. You act like you are still a rookie at this organization." He stated with a chuckle causing Alex to growl again. With a new determination, the young red headed woman bite the hand covering her mouth as hard as she could while a hidden knife appeared in her hand. A small smile appeared on her lips before she cut the captors wrist until he let go of her before turning and cutting diagonally and hurting his left shoulder once again causing him to back away and create some distance.

His eyes glared down at her small height before looking at his bleeding shoulder before growling in anger and pain since the cold night wind was sending a painful stinging sensation down his arm and side. "Damn you Alex the Hunter, I now know better than to let my guard down and underestimate you." He snapped with a hateful look in his eye as he stared into her dark blue ones that were sparkling underneath the moonlight. Without a moments hesitation she pulls out another dagger before getting into a defensive stance and waiting for him to attack. A voice in the back of her head was shouting at her, telling her to activate the tracking device so the organization could come and help out, but they would kill him and she needed him alive to answer all the question that she has.
With a small sigh he stands on his own two feet before dashing after her, his figure nothing but a mere blur because of the inhuman speed that a vampire possesses. He ran around her in circles before abruptly stopping beside of her and bringing a raised hand down, hoping to hit the back of her neck and knock her out without to much of a hassle. Her reflexes were insanely quick, as soon as he started to bring his hand down Alex had ducked to avoid to blow and started to rise as fast as she could while raising her dagger with her, trying to cut his chest vertically this time; but before her cool blade made contact he already dashed away and tried to find her weak spot. Alex kept her eyes trained on the blurry figure moving all around her. When she figured out where he was going to strike she quickly turned her body to try and prevent the attack from behind her. What she didn't realize was that the bangs covering the left side of her face moved and revealed the nasty scar she had obtained from a beam falling onto her face during the house fire when she was a child.
The vampire looked at the scar with slightly wide eyes before the smirk returned and he dashed away at the last minute, faster than the previous times. Alex raised her daggers and scanned the surrounding areas but it seemed like nobody was around. As the seconds transformed into minutes Alex let out a small sigh of disappointment before lowering her daggers and shaking her head, her long red bangs covering the scar on her face once again. "Coward." She muttered to herself before suddenly she found herself locked in a choke hold.
Alex accidentally dropped the daggers she was carrying before trying to figure out a way to escape the strong hold as she was struggling to breath. Behind her a familiar chuckle could be heard before a deep, smooth voice whispered in her ear. "Gotcha."

Alex frowned as she continued to try and breath as well as figure out an escape plan without contacting other hunters. A couple of minutes had pass before Alex started to feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. The vampire decided to move one of his hands to just underneath her jaw line, giving him control on where her head should go, while the other hand continued to choke her until the point that she could barely keep her eyes open. When he finally let go of her she gasped greedily for air before she coughed lightly against his chest. Alex felt as he placed a calloused hand on her right shoulder and then another, darker chuckle escaped her lips. Just then she realized when he was preparing to do and started to struggle as hard as she could, trying to get away before feeling herself being choked once again.
A hiss sounded from behind her before the smell of rotting and burning flesh reached her nose, the scent started to make her head pound. "Dammit, its starting." Alex heard him whisper while a hint of aggravation could be heard in his voice. Without a second to spare he unwrapped his large hand from around her neck before struggling to pull her head to the side. Alex panted heavily and closed her eyes from shame and embarrassment since a hunter is to never get in a position to where her neck is exposed to a vampire. The hissing grew into a loud wince before the vampire violently bit down on the young hunters neck and started to drink as much and as fast as she could, trying to stop the heat of her skin from rising and burning him even more.

His silver eyes were closed tightly as he started to drink her blood while trying to stop her from struggling. To say that the young woman was fierce was an understatement. Even as she was in pain from him drinking her blood, she still managed to struggle and nearly slips out of his grip out of his grip a couple of times. "S-stop this." she stuttered in a cold tone even though it wavered because of the pain, her skin still burning his hands. Her blood felt like it was on fire as well and was burning the inside of him as he drank it, but the weaker she became, the less painful it was for him to drink and he started to enjoy it. By the time he was done feeding off of her Alex was almost as pale as he was while her breathing was shallow and her heartbeat was weak. "Guess i took a little to much...but mission to capture her, complete." He whispered quietly to himself before.....

1. no text talk or emojicons
2. Ask permission before joining
3. to know that you read the starter please answer these three questions when asking:
~What is her pistol?
~What color is the Vampires eyes?
~Why did the vampire hiss?
4. Male needed to play the vampire
5. I only do pp's (private posts)
6. Do not mention me every 5 seconds. If i do not respond after 4 days, then mention me.
7. Do not control my character.
8. Everything allowed (and I mean everything)
9. Do not abandon without telling me first, I wont be upset.
10. please play a cold, slightly sadistic, character
11. third point of view wanted but not necessary.
12. do not reshare this as your own starter
13. 10+ lines

(Pic one: the scar that Alex has on her face)
(Pic two: her hair and eye color.)
(Pic 3-5: the vampire)
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