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Hey guys i'm Dexter!!!!!

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Hi, I'm new here, and I would like to take fashion, beauty, royal, rebel, ashlyn, raven, apple, and evil class.

Assignment 2
What will happen if Milton Grimm wanted Raven to be Rebel
Due :11August

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Hey guys! I'm Cerise and I'll teach my class!

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Please tell me
Can one of my OCs join here? You pick which one please

My OC's:

Mira Shards--daughter of RavenQueen

Derrick Charming--son of Dexter Charming

Ember Ella--daughter of Ahslynn Ella

Courage Charming--son of Daring Charming

Cherry White--daughter of Apple White

Rose Beauty--daughter of Briar Beauty

Hawker Huntsman--Son of Hunter Huntsman

Bella Beauty--daughter of Rosabella Beauty

Catie Hood--daughter of Cerise Hood

Brooklyn "Lynn" Hatter--daughter of Maddie Hatter

+Cerise Hood™​ is cerise class teacher

Assignment 1: Post pictures from Ella's designs!
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