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When someone says housewife or homemaker, I consider it as designation and feel proud.
Office: my sweet home
Designation: homemaker
Salary: well-being of my loved ones
Financial position: Dependant on family(its a personal choice as long as you are happy)

Truth: women is never jobless

I have been a working professional before 5 years back and financially an independent lady. Then I conceived my child and decided to serve as stay at home mom. I am happy about my decision which gave me chance to enjoy every single development and growing up of my child. I am content. My spouse earns well and we enjoy our life at fullest. There is no such compromise. In fact I am the boss of his money. He gives all respect and appreciate my sacrifice of professional and financial independence.

Now my child is four and I feel like starting a second inning and one more time want to enjoy financial independence. I am still not jobless but since my child goes to school so I want to utilize those hours for my passion. I want to grow as an entrepreneur and pursue my dream.

I know there are lot of women like me and I want to connect with you all. Join the community. Let's create our niche to share and help each other :)

Yes correct, it's about women. This community is only open for those who respect women in all aspect of life.
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