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Name: RoboCop
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Half human, half robot
Strengths: Love
Weakness: Unknown
Bio: Once a cop, Alex James Murphy was captured by a gang in Old Detroit and shot at multiple times. Alex still lived and parts of his brain were put into the cybernetic body RoboCop.

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Name:Yuki Kuran 
Gender: female
Species: PureBlood Vampire/werewolf
strengths:super vampire Speed, super scenes and  making new friends. 
Bio: parents got Killed by my evil Uncle Rido Kuran and was saved my a vampire Hunter /PureBlood Named Zero Kiryu (i made up about Zero being a PureBlood )

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Name: Angel
Age: 14
Speices:half vampire/angel

Name: Rachel Raven Robinson [Just Call Me Raven]
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Alien-Human, Half-Demon [Not Joking]

Appearance: She Has Lavender Hair & Violet Eyes, But She Usually Covers It Up With A Glamour, Showing Black Hair & Blue Eyes Instead. She Is Extremely Pale, And Also Has A Petite Frame. She Is Rather Short At 1.6m Tall, And May Appear Weak, But She Packs A Punch, And Can Defeat An Opponent Twice Her Size.

Strengths: Able To Control Her Emotions Pretty Well, Excellent Reflexes & Physical Fitness, Experienced At Hand-To-Hand Combat, Multi-Lingual
Weaknesses: Rage. She Has To Control Her Emotions, In Order To Control Her Powers. And If She Loses Control, Well, Let's Just Say That All Hell Breaks Loose. Her Control Over Her Emotions Is Pretty Good, But Her Control Of Her Rage Is Considered Her Weakest. Additionally, She Has Trust Problems, Due To Her Childhood, Or Lack Thereof.

Likes: The Dark, Peace & Quiet, Meditating, Reading
Dislikes: Chickens [Don't Even Ask], Terrible Jokes, Loud Noises, Large Crowds, People Who Invade Her Privacy, Shopping, Lucifer

Personality: She Is Quiet, Emotionless, Studious & Sarcastic, And Gives Off A Mysterious Aura. She Is Also Rather Mature. She Usually Seems Quite Distant & Anti-Social, But She Has A Kind Heart. She Is Extremely Loyal To Her Friends, And Will Do Anything To Protect Them From Harm. She Appears Calm In The Most Serious Situations, And Is Always Cautious About Her Emotions, Probably In Fear Of Losing Control & Blowing Stuff Up, Which, By The Way, Has Happened Before, Numerous Times.

~ Soul-Self [Like When She Projects Her Soul From Her Body Into A Corporeal Form, Which She Can Use To Interact With The Physical World, To Affect Others Mentally, Or To Transverse Through Time & Space]
~ Levitation ["Flight"]
~ Advanced Telekinesis [Includes Blasts, Bursts, Bolts, Waves & Shields]
~ Teleportation
~ Empathy
~ Healing
~ Telepathy
~ Half-Demon Self [When She Is Highly Upset, Her Demon Form Takes Over, Leaving Her With Little To No Control At All Over Her Actions]
Mantra: Aquarath Nexus Zintron [Releases Her Powers & Helps Her To Meditate]
Signature Magic: Is Usually Dark Indigo, But Is Celeste Blue For Healing
Magical Items: Meditation Mirror, Book Of Akar [About Magical Lore, Teaches Her Incantations & Stuff...]
Skills: Wonderful Senses, Excellent Speed & Stamina, Remarkable Stealth

Bio: Her Alien-Human Mother, Ariana, Was Part Of A Race Of Aliens Called Akarathians Who Evolved From Humans. Ariana Was Raped By Her Demonic Father, Lucifer, And Later Gave In To Depression. Since Young, She Was Brought Up & Trained By Monks, Who Taught Her To Control Her Emotions, And In Turn Her Powers. For Some Reason, They Also Taught Her How To Play Various Instruments, Sew/Knit, As Well As Dance. However, She Was Feared By Many, Due To A Prophecy That She Would Be The One To Set Lucifer Free Upon Earth. She Came From A Planet Called Akarath, And Escaped To Earth To Seek Refuge From The Evil Ones Who Sought To Kill Her Due To The Prophecy. There Are Also Those Who Belong To Some Demonic Cult & Want To Help Lucifer Complete The Prophecy. She Wants To Stop It, But Is Afraid Of Herself & Her Own Power. She Doesn't Know The Full Extent Of Her Powers.

Other: She Was Prophesied To Set Lucifer Free Upon Earth, Thereby Destroying This Dimension, On Her Eighteenth Birthday.

Name: Kirra Averill
Age: 17
Gender: female
Species: Hybrid ( Fox/Wolf/Bird )
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