Sorry it took me so long to apply the 4th of July extra credit.  I just went in now and added it to whichever is your last recorded test score.  Please verify, as I added a comment to each test regarding this.  If you can't find it, let me know and I will point you in the right direction to find it.  :)

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El Mercado Hidalgo end Guanajuato, Mexico

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Headed to Guanajuato, Mexico today! Will post pictures. Next week I will take care of the 4th of July extra credit you earned.

¡Crédito Extra!  ¿Cómo vas a pasar el cuatro de julio?  +1 en la próxima nota de examen si respondes completamente.  Y +1 si interaccionas/participas 3 veces más.  

(1% text extra credit for a complete response in Spanish, another 1% for interacting 3 additional times in the discussion)


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I promise, I am NOT throwing stones... just came across an interesting article about Rosetta Stone.  At the end, it is suggested it be used "to supplement in-class learning" says Jean Ku, director of industry marketing at Rosetta Stone.  Any attempt to learn Spanish gets two-thumbs-up for me.  But I'm curious to hear thoughts and opinions.

I have about 22 new HACC students starting today, so hopefully some of them will be joining us here!  Stay tuned for an extra credit opportunity this week!  :)  Profe

NSU, everything for your current chapter (depends on which class you are in) is due tonight by 11:59 p.m. CST.  HACC, your test is also due today.  ¡Tengan un fin de semana fantástico!

Share a strategy to help the community!  What are you finding helpful as you're learning Spanish?  One of the first things I think of is using earphones when you are doing listening assignments.  I do this myself when listening to your recordings!  What other ideas do you have to help? 
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