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New video, after a long time! Enjoy! :)


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Okay people, listen up. This is serious.
There is a community called "Dinosaurs" here on G+. Its owner decided to abandon it, and leave ownership to somebody else. I think I would be a good owner if I win, and I am trying to get myself some supporters which will vote for me.
All you have to do is:
1. Join the community:
2. Enter this link:
3. Put my profile's URL (shown below), and this community's URL into a form that will appear:
4. Use this code:

Thanks! :D

Happy New Year, everyone!!! :) :D

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Here's the map that I used for my ''First conflict in human history'' video. If you are interested to use it, just give me a credit in description (link of my channel would be enough). :)

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Hello friends!
or should I say Zdravo prijatelji! 


Hej zdravo veliki fan može autogram na kućnu adresu?? :D
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