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New DashlinQ version 4.1 is ready for Beta.
- Pandora plugin added: Free and Premium mode supported
- Many bug fixes

Please try it out and let me know if anything is not right there:


I have installed Dashlinq on my Honor 10 & it works fine with my BMW 1 series (MI400). I can see that once the song is cached it will then use the cache. It is a shame as the songs have already been downloaded by the Spotify, but I presume the API does not allow access to these.
Is there a way to select a playlist & cache the whole playlist overnight (without playing the songs) on WIFI to cut down on mobile data usage?

Heyya, the newest release is very glitchy (as it the music sounds like it's slightly skipping whitch is driving me crazy, any way I can get the version before this back on my phone?
P.s. My phone is a OnePlus 6, and it worked great before this update

The Dashlinq app on my Samsung Galaxy S7 is blocking the quick access menu swipe down function of the phone. At that moment the speed of the phone slows down as well. Restarting the phone helps for about few hours.
After removing the dashlinq app the problem is solved. With the old app AAlinq, there is no problem but it as less options (like webradio).
What can I do to solve this anoying problem?

Please add a "go to album" and "go to artist" pages when playing a song. Also, the Spotify plugin cover art in the latest beta does not show anymore.

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Tried latest 4.0 beta version.

Still the same issue as version 3: when selecting an artist on car radio, it doesn't display albums list for the artist but only "ALL TRACKS".

Phone: LG G6 with Android 8.0
Car: Nissan Murano 2013 SL
Using Spotify plugin

I Experienced a little issue :

I launch the app and the main screen display is fine!
then I start the webRadio plug-in.
Once back to the main screen the icon on the right are cropped.
I will provide somme screen shots later (or may be this is a known bug?)


Hi, problems so far with new beta version. Test both 5 and 5.5 inch phones. Web radio is not working at all. No playing streams, not saving favorites. In portrait and landscape mode shortcuts icons are overlapping on main menu and music player

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