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Welcome! We are currently under construction including working on banners and organization. We will be using this to make announcements and poll members about the meeting. Our first announcement will be the date and time of our first meeting.

Check out our About Community! Has a lot of good information in it if you haven't seen it.
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Hi everyone! My name is michelle burton. I help small businesses, families, and individuals with their health insurance! I work with a company called US HEALTH Advisors. If you know anyone in the state who may benefit from having their own, local, personal agent to shop through and find the best options out there, hand my info out! Email: cell phone: 9038048458. I'd like to see if I can get access to a ppo, maybe no deductible, and give people a better understanding of options that are out here.

This section is ALL ABOUT YOU! Include a business card and a brief post about what makes you awesome!

Be warned tho, I may support free speech but I do not tolerate childish behavior. May the ban/hammer favor you.
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