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I do wonder tho

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Yes music and drawing is my shit
Welcome to my YouTubers collection!
Youtubers I will post about:
•Amazing Phil
•Shane Dawson
•MrCreepypasta not that much tho...I think idk
•Josh Leyva
So yeah ^_^ And if you don't know these YouTubers I recommend you check them out cause they are really awesome! And if you have any suggestions on any YouTubers  I should check out, feel free to leave a comment down below!
Also if you see a post about a YouTuber you don't like just ignore it and don't hate because your just wasting your time and I really wont care about your negative opinion and ill probably just block you, so keep your negativity to yourself because no wants to hear it!
I already had a problem with +Erik Jensen who doesn't like YouTube but he takes time hating on this post -______- dude, stfu
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