I guys I am the Enlightened from China, aka Semiban, and also I am the organizer of IngressChina.
Nice to meet you here!
I need some help for picking up the coming NL1331 kiteither, if any one could help me, I will pay the extra money, please let me know asap. Thanks a lot!

Hi Boise agents!

Looking for anyone going to the NL1331 event to pick up a pack for me. I just want the characters and you can keep the rest of the swag. =)

HO or TG @FuZeBx


Guys is anyone for you going for the
Nl meetup . I need help for kits pickup

Is there an ENL hangout group or Kik?

Just moved to the Boise area love it here. CT2074 here.

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Hello To The Ingress Community!! We are coming into warmer weather and that means BBQ time!! Please join us on Sunday, May 15th, For a Cross Faction BBQ!

Please bring your favorite dish. You may post what you are bringing so we don't have duplicates. We could also use plates and cups. If you would like to chip in with the BBQ meats, please get in touch with Scott (AgentX1976.)

We will be having cake to celebrate birthdays and Mother's day from the week prior. Bring your family and friends who are interested in playing Ingress or who are still learning. There will be a few portals there.

We do have a TMJ issue we would like to cater to as well, so please bring some dishes that are soft, i.e. soups, loaded mashed potatoes, etc. Please make sure the soft dishes are soft enough that there will be no chewing involved. This would help one of our local Enlightened agents and help her feel welcomed by all.

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This document lists the mission banner and mosaics that are available in the Boise area. Please message me with updates, changes, and ideas to make this a more useful resource. 

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So after 2 1/2 years and almost 90million AP i have finally had enough of the blue side. I think its time for a change. So long Resistance Hello Enlightened.

Resistance better start rebuilding all your hangouts ;)

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ALERT: RESISTANCE AN enlightened agent in Boise has just captured many portals and linked them People should go help get those back 
Username is ChBAT          No h in -
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