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(So now that i'm getting back into Mortal kombat here is my character i will roleplay as she is a canon character but i am changing some stuff)

Name: Nitara

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Race: Vampire

Realm: Vaeternus

Weapons: Kama and two knifes called Dragon Teeth

Allies: Cyrax and Reptile

Enemies: Ashrah and Shao Khan

Alignment: Neutral

Ability: Blood Magic and Flight

Weakness: Sunlight from Earth realm and going to long with out human blood as she frequently travels to Earthrealm at night to drink some

Bio: Nitara was from a race of Vampires in a realm known as Vaeternus until one day her realm was conquered by Shao Kahn and her people were massacred and enslaved Nitara managed to escape and found out there was an orb able to free her realm after giving Reptile the Kirehashi blade she convinced him to cut of the cyborg Cyrax's ability to travel between realms and she would only let him leave if he retrieved the orb for her she kept her promise and let Cyrax go home and she has a strong hatred towards Ashrah for slaying her peoples and Nitara still has the orb to this day but has had a strong worry that people would try to take it from her and that worry turned to fear and paranoia.

100 Memebers WOW

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Hydro Varations

1.Human Warrior
2. Cyber Emperor


1.Brain Destroyer)

Hydro Punches The Oppnent threw the chest and Shoves a Bomb in the head of the Oppnent causing it to freeze And Hydro Smashes The Oppnents head And Hydros Grabs The Oppnents Brain

2.Cyber Lin Keui)

Hydro Calls in the cyborgs Cyrax Comes in throws a Bomb At The Oppnent sending him flying And Sektor Uppercuts the Oppnent To Smoke And Smoke Buzzsaws the Oponent Chest And throws him to Hydro and Hydro Summons Ice Spikes and The Oppnents Falls in the Spikes


1.Sucide Bomb)

Hydro Jumps on the Oppnent And He Expoldes Causing him and the Oppnent To Expolde ((Works with Prototype Varation))

2.Kneel to the Emperor)

Hydro Stabs the Oppnent Rabidly With his scythe And Stabs again Slicing the Oppnent In Half ((Works with Cyber Emperor Varation))

3.Classic Brutality)

Hydro Goes Punching Rabidly Tell the Oppnent Expoldes ((Any Varation))

4.Shuirken Bath)

Hydro Throws a Ton of Shuirken In the air And they all Fall on the Oppnent Head and Body ((Human Warrior Varation))


Hydro Stabs Punches threw the Oppnents Chest Holding the Oppnents Heart And Hydro freezes the Heart and Smashes it ((All Varations and its a Secert Brutality))

Hydros Outro)

Hydro Summons Electricity out his Chest And Turns into a Pond ((Prototype))

((Human Warrior Outro))

Hydro Summons A Ice Clone Of the Oppnent And Smashes it as he says For the Lin Keui!

Cyber Emperor Outro))

Hydro Summons a Portal of the Netherealm Raising Scythe And Walks in it And sitting on a Throne of Skulls

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Name: Triborg
Age: No Age
Race: Robot
Faction: Lin Kuei
Power: turn into and summon the cyber innistioitive like Sector: fire and rockets. Cyrax: swas and bombs. Smoke: grapple and smoke. And Cyber Sub Zero:Ice.
Likes: serving and forming Lin Kuei members.
Dislikes: Shirai Ryu
Bio: "Years ago, the Lin Kuei Grandmaster determined that his assassin clan would be more effective by eliminating their human weaknesses. They would adopt cybernetic bodies and technologically enhanced minds. In preparation, the Grandmaster ordered all members to submit to tests, during which their physical and mental data was secretly recorded and stored in an offsite database. After Sub-Zero eliminated all cyber-Lin Kuei, Special Forces discovered their hidden data storage site. They brought the drives to a secret S-F weapons lab, then downloaded several files into a test body. The consciousness of Sektor, Cyrax and Smoke somehow intermingled and brought the body to life. The "Triborg" wiped the lab clean of human occupants -- and now seeks to eliminate all organic life."

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Hi edenia (☆^O^☆)(-^〇^-)(☆^O^☆)(-^〇^-)o((^▽^))o

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Walking threw the Shadows Holding Scythe as a Cyborg Emperor

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