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make Management money system with android studio. and also you can download link free source code, dont forget for subcribe my channel and share with your friends

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DUAL Music Player - Double Music Player application that lets you enjoy two different musics at same time. Get DUAL Music Player! Must Try Music Player...For Free !

Hello. I'm the creator of Brazil 2014 for Android and I've a question for this community. Google Play suspend one of my application but I can see a lot of downloads from Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, China...Then my question is, do you know where the apk is available to download because I can't found it and I don't know the Android Market options for those countries. The package is com.abbaco.brasil2014 so it would be great if you can help me to find the source. We have around 1.000 downloads every day and we didn't know we ... Thanks a lot.

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FishFist Free on Google Play!

 Coach your spirit, strength and mind at the foot of the Shaolin Temple. Nice graphics, bewitching sound and explosive dynamics will give you a special pleasure from the gameplay.

  Fist - your strength! Fish - your goal!

-Compete with your friends
-Borrow first place in the world league table and add your name to the temple top fighters
-Choose your style of management
-Think like a fish !
-Knock the fish!

GooglePlay Link:

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Muy interesante. Espero encontrar hueco pronto para verlo entero. La gente de Android respondiendo preguntas sobre diseño e implementación de interfaces.

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A new open source project is born last week.
You can find it here :
What is it about. It's an Android programming stuff dedicated to communication between activities and business services in an asynchronous way :

Welcome to the ServiceHelper

In Android, one of the main problem is to communicate with the business services (that are Android services implementation) when you are in an activity.

In fact, you can call the service but in an asynchronous way. The pain comes when the service needs to return data to the activity. Usually, in java, you do a call like that:
String message=MyService.instance.getMessage().
Using Android you can't do that, when your service wants to return something to the calling activity you need to send an Intent within the system. The intent handles the data to be sent back to the activity. As you understand, this is a real pain when coding an application.

Fortunately for you, the Mythic ServiceHelper project is born to fix that.
Stay tune. It's only the first releaseit should be a minus alpha version :)

Need  to add fragment features and easy to use features for end-user (developper).
I'll give you news soon (for DevoxxFr i hope:)

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Do you know if there is a good GitHub library for creating a dail menu?

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