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Hey everybody, come check Nordeast Makers new digs!

Does anyone know what happened to the tools and equipment? Our school in desperate need of tools and equipment! 

Hi. I live in Wisconsin. I have been a metal fabricator for around 20 years. I am fluent in 2D Cad and have access to a few machines. A 2000 watt trumpf laser, a 20 ton amada turret punch with a fairly decent tool library, and two  accupress press brakes, the largest being a 400 ton with a 14 foot bed. We also have a ten foot .250 capacity cincinati shear and a 350 amp state of the art pulse mig welder. Our shop prices are 65 an hour for all machines except the laser. The laser is 85 per hour. We will go as low as 1/2 hour minimum charge. Shipping is not included obviously.  Would love to get involved in the coop community.

I woud like to learn more about the Mill Community-On the site there is a membership section but no content. Can someone give me some info?

I am looking for someone to help me with a wood working project.  I have a 20x24 puzzle that I am cutting out, my scroll saw is too small to handle it.  I am looking to just cut it in half with interlocking pieces.  Does anyone know of someone with a laser cutter or a 30" scroll saw???
In desperation!!!
Lori Pasley

Can someone please tell me if there is a facility similar to the mill still in operation in the Twin Cities?
I need to contact someone who tinkers with 3D printing and maybe want to make a bit of extra money.
Preferably in the southern metro.

Has anyone narrowed down the Laser cutter settings for 1/4 hardboard? I tried, based on internet adice:
s13, p100, f400
s50, p40, f500
neither worked, maybe got halfway through. are two passes necessary?

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I was surprised by the cap on memberships. It might be a good thing, but not what I expected.

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Anybody have a 3D printer and want to make some $$ from it? Sounds like it could be a good idea...
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