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STRESS, MEAT and TELEPATHY. In 1925, Walter Cannon (, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physiology at Harvard Medical School, injected calm animals with catecholamines from frightened animals and within seconds the peaceful animals became terrified, frightened like the other ones. This is very important for TELEPATHY Research for 2 main reasons related to MEAT AND PREGNANCY. Walter invented the term fight and flight response based on the release of catecholamines (adrenaline, noradrenaline, etc) during moments of extreme fear-anxiety-danger-terror.


The meat people eat comes from factory farms (95% of meat today) where animals have been terrorized and abused for a long time and where the terror of slaughter added an extra dose of catecholamines and stress hormones in their tissues (which don't completely disappear by draining most of the blood out, you cannot take blood out of small capillaries). When humans eat this meat, the fear, anxiety, terror, stress, aggression (animals kick and fight the slaughterhouse worker or machine) are TRANSMITTED to the human being - due to the fact, we and livestock share a lot more HORMONAL AND NEUROTRANSMITTER pathways than meat eaters would want to. The scientific consequence of this is what the Hindus, Buddhists and early Christians (Jesus and Moses were reportedly vegetarian ► have been hypothesizing for thousands of years: meat eating makes one's perceptions of reality veered towards more fear, stress, anxiety, paranoia, mistrust, and predisposition to use the less gentle, more violent methods in "stressful situations" where an option presents itself. This also blocks the accurate perception of telepathic transmissions, since everything is skewed towards the more paranoid interpretation, which leads to more war. Hence many mystics claimed that we will never have WORLD PEACE until we stop torturing and killing animals. If animals live their normal life in nice conditions (20 years for cows, not 2 or 4) and die naturally, the bad catecholamines, stress hormones, etc do not get released and the astral vibrations do not pervade the tissue of meat over time. Those mystics might have been precognitive about the 20th century discoveries in science.

I have not read any studies done on concentrated catecholamines from cooked meat to see effect on people - but this would be interesting to do if heroes would exist to volunteer to eat foods with high concentrations of such stuff to test the hypothesis of most meat (of slaughtered versus naturally dying animals, organic loved animals versus factory farm terrorized ones) making people more fearful, anxious, paranoid, frightened as animals were at slaughter. The problem with low doses, you can never see it, as it's ultra subtle and beyond the radar and cumulative.


Studies have shown recently that when mothers get all frightened, fearful, anxious for weeks during pregnancy, their off-spring suffer from emotional instability, physical problems, lower birth weight (the catecholamines go into the baby too and basically the baby is frightened and etc and stops eating, damaging his brain growth, his organ growth, etc). Therefore, if the mother is not peaceful and having happy emotions (which is normal in a happy marriage for example) or if she eats a lot of factory farm meat - she influences without realizing the baby's brain architecture formation, to such an extent, where TELEPATHY becomes very distorted or blocked and impossible to really develop ever to high levels without some mind blowing NDE like experiences later in life that totally rewire the brain, etc.

For more on how MEAT lowers TELEPATHIC ABILITY, see more details below:

Erin Pavlina noticed that after switching to veganism, her astral travel and ESP have become much better So did other astral travelers and clairvoyants.

Telepathy is liked to Empathy and some view empathy as a subset of telepathy, we just read feelings instead of thoughts. Empathy for animals enhances telepathy is not such a hard to understand concept. Animals and humans share much of the same biochemistry, with lots of hormones being similar, etc. When an animal is tortured during its life and especially during slaughter, the chemicals it secretes go into the meat and are ingested by humans. When animals suffer for seconds/minutes during the sudden slaughter death, they release stress-fear hormones that age and sicken us ► Fear hormones as well as astral vibrations that contaminate their flesh also prompt us into human-human conflict more often; we and animals share a lot of hormonal pathways, as neuroscience shows. Cooking the meat doesn't remove the etheric geometry of the etheric matter remnants after the energetic body-astral bodies leave - so the geometry of hate vibrations/strings/forcefields, the geometry of fear-paranoia-distrust-warfare vibrations/strings/forcefields - is enhanced in the meat consumer. Therefore, many have said that until we stop killing animals to eat we won't have world peace. There may be some truth to that.

We see how animals and humans can exchange telepathy, when there is a loving bond - and exactly as a clear glass of water turns purple when we drop some purple dye the etheric body of the human being becomes less effective at telepathy, more murky, when people eat meat, clarity is lost to some degree. (or water with basic pH turns purple when a phenolphthalein pH indicator drop is put in).

Most meat today comes from abused animals, at least suffering during slaughter. We hear some people talk about haunted locations, where you can pick up that there was a murder there and it feels terrible - well - we can also say that the body of a slaughtered animal is a haunted location and those eating that meat are haunted by the trauma the animal suffered, even if on a very subtle imperceptible level. And we know we cannot ever do very good telepathy or remote viewing when we are not in the most serene, balanced, happy, rested state. That's why Graham Nicholls ( and thousands of others who wrote books on astral travel or spiritual topics say avoiding meat is better. Vallalar (, who did thousands of miracles, and others didn't even allow meat eaters in his "temple". "Saint Frances of Rome" was vegan by choice since the age of 6 and saw-heard spirits since a kid.

However, it seems that if a soul was very telepathic back in former lives, eating meat this life won't have a huge effect at totally blocking telepathy (they still will have it to some extent), but going vegetarian or even better, vegan, would probably help her skills quite a bit, as reported by many astral travelers (Erin Pavlina ► and many others) who were shocked at what a difference veganism made.

Since telepathy is all related to accessing the zero point energy field so to speak, it depends on how much we are in resonance with the vibrations of universal loving kindness for all. Some will say "but don't plants have souls too and don't they suffer when we rip them apart or take fruits from the trees?". I think the reason the Essenes said to only eat seeds and fruits, never plants obtained by killing a plant, was because they noticed plants have feelings as explained in the book "the Secret Life of plants" ( So, i think there is no suffering when we take fruits or seeds in a nice manner from the trees, cereals, legumes - maybe they get a little annoyed if we don't give any thanks to the plants, lol. :) Now, if we eat carrots, broccoli, spinach, kale, etc we kill the plant. But if we look at biochemistry alone, the plants don't share a lot of organs or hormones with humans - almost nothing compared to livestock. A plant dies instantly while it is plucked. The degree of pain-plant killing pain affecting the geometry of the etheric matter of the human ingesting the plant is arguably negligible compared to the pain accumulated in an animal who dies slowly, lives longer and has killed and accumulated the pain of millions of plants killed by the cow eating grass or whatever feed. It's all about nuances here.

We don't have the capability technologically to image (like MRI) the etheric molecules that signal pain and cause geometric changes in forcefields in the other dimension (a little like cymatics science, the sound of pain causes a shape, the sound of joy-gratitude-love causes a shape), but we can use our intellect to infer that the pain in a cow, at least due to thousands or millions of killed plants, and much longer dying period, is thousands or millions of times higher than the pain in a bunch of spinach and as such, telepathy dampening effects are different. It's noteworthy that some of greatest mystics in different religions were vegan or vegetarian and said things like "avoid meat to be closer to God" or whatever. It's interesting to think about this fact: today science is able to verify some things people believed centuries ago, but now we got the science to explain why it is so. In the same way, 100-500 years from now, we may have the science to explain this vegan - telepathy thing in a more concrete and inter-dimensional physics chemistry based way. Just because it sounds strange, doesn't mean it is false. :) is a Great Video explaining the thousands of years old knowledge, now confirmed by science, that eating meat makes pregnant moms far more stressed, and leads to more stressed children with heart disease and with more cortisol release, more stress-paranoia-fear-aggression-war causing behavior than vegans. A stressed out person will always choose the more paranoid and fear based, violence based solution out of fear, attack even when there is no need to and start a conflict, or if a leader, a war. Rates for pre-eclampsia in vegans are 39 times lower.

As many studies show, the stress of moms during pregnancy has a huge effect on the height, weight, IQ, etc of the kids - more CORTISOL FROM MEAT = more stress, less bonding, lower IQ, lower height, etc. - very long post, 2000+ lines Now the science shows cortisol level of kids, blood pressure too are higher in those whose moms ate tons of meat during pregnancy. The more meat, the more damage to the kid's hormones and stress response.

7 STUDIES ON THE EFFECT OF MEAT INTAKE BY PREGNANT MOMS ON CORTISOL, STRESS RESPONSE, TELEPATHIC DISTORTION AND HEART HEALTH OF FUTURE KIDS. The idea of these 7 studies upon which the video was made, is that a proper vegan diet (B12, vitamin D, iron, calcium, iodine, omega 3, etc) is healthier than a meat diet for a pregnant mom:

1. Diet-hormone interactions: protein/carbohydrate ratio alters reciprocally the plasma levels of testosterone and cortisol and their respective binding globulins in man. -- Life Sci. 1987 May 4;40(18):1761-8.

2. Maternal consumption of a high-meat, low-carbohydrate diet in late pregnancy: relation to adult cortisol concentrations in the offspring. -- J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Aug;88(8):3554-60. "Recent studies have linked maternal consumption of an unbalanced high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet in late pregnancy with raised adult blood pressure in the offspring. Because high-protein diets stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, we hypothesized that an unbalanced maternal diet might increase maternal cortisol levels..."

3. Stress responsiveness in adult life: influence of mother's diet in late pregnancy. -- J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2007 Jun;92(6):2208-10. Epub 2007 Mar 6. -- "These findings provide the first human evidence that an unbalanced high protein maternal diet during late pregnancy leads to increased cortisol secretion in response to psychological stress in the offspring."

4. An anthroposophic (spiritual alternative medicine) lifestyle is associated with low cortisol levels in the evening at age 12 and 24 months, at age 24 months also in the afternoon. -- Acta Paediatr. 2012 Sep;101(9):979-84.

5. Our observations suggest that a fat-containing meal reduces testosterone concentrations without affecting luteinizing hormone. -- Metabolism. 1990 Sep;39(9):943-6.

6. High cortisol levels strongly predict cardiovascular death among persons both with and without preexisting cardiovascular disease. -- J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010 Nov;95(11):4959-64.

7. Preeclampsia 39 times lower for vegans, 1 in 775 cases -- South Med J. 1987 Jun;80(6):692-7 versus 5% average (5% of 775 is 39) ► -- F1000Prime Rep. 2015 Feb 3;7:24.

Moms pass their FEARS to offspring So, as more meat means higher STRESS-FEAR due to way high cortisol, that PARANOIA is passed to OFFSPRING, ensuring a set of new wars.

Dad's STRESS is also passed to offspring, so Dads should also be vegan at least months before conception, as that lowers CORTISOL a lot (

You can also read these studies about how father PRE-NATAL STRESS affects offspring and


For 100+ reasons I didn't eat meat for 20 years and dairy for 12 years see


Habits hypothesized to enhance telepathy

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