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Time for excuses is over. Making native apps for iOS and Android just got a whole lot easier with +Axway Appcelerator Titanium+Hyperloop!!

Hi, I use appcelerator 5.5.1 and application loader to up my app to testflight, but I have this error: "this bundle is invalid. The must be a .png.". Before the update I could up my app without errores. What is launchimage ???

I had tried Appcelerator Titanium technology years ago ( sdk version 3.2.3GA, Update is 5.5.0 now). I know the change is may be massive but how to compare core changes in and out in such upgrade ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,
could not found the file app.js in testflight and device ?

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My new Titanium app published on App Store. I used iOS spotlight search in my app. its very simple to use with Titanium. :)


I would like to animate a marker to its new position. I'm developing a car tracking app but I can't find a way to do that. Is that a limitation with Appcelerator? It's the last thing I need for the app. Please help.

Hi does anyone knows it I can receive an rtsp streaming that needs authentication. I just can't see the video but If a open de url with vlc player it works. I need this to get the cctv video for a custom app. Sample url: rtsp://username:password@ipaddress/stream

sample code
    <View id="vidWin" title="CCTV" backgroundColor="#fff">
        <VideoPlayer id="videoPlayer" ns="Ti.Media" top="1" 
        height="300" width="300" backgroundColor="blue" autoplay="true" mediaTypes="Titanium.Media.VIDEO_MEDIA_TYPE_NONE" />

Thanks for your help

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hi folks!

anyone here tried updating contact's info in the address book using Ti.Contacts? seems to be deprecated or unresponsive in >=iOS9.

Here's a link related to the issue but I could still not get it to work somehow:

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Updated Github fork!

I know directly commit to the github project so you will see all my daily commits.
Make sure to read the README to understand all the differences
There is also a link to download a pre built version.

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My free app Alpi Maps is now totally open source!
That app is built using my fork of Titanium.
You can use it to test my fork.

The modules used in that app are proprietary though. You can use them with Alpi Maps but they wont work with any other app.
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