Before we get together, Write a short back story, that is anywhere from a minimum of 5 sentences long to no more than about two pages. This story will be used to determine the character that will be made available to you.

PLEASE AVOID USING RULES SPEAK. Also, when describing locations, organizations and such; keep it in general terms. I will add in names of specific info.

For Example, just use THIEVES GUILD. Not, the "FIRE KNIVES".

You can have more control of building the character if you limit yourself to the 3.5 player's handbook, though the classes will be their eqivalent Pathfinder versions. In this case, starting character level is 5th.

Otherwise, other WotC 3.5 books or 3rd party material will be included in the build, if the background story calls for it. Doing it this way will come with better benefits, possibly including, but not limited to; starting level bumps and starting with some rare item(s). HINT: be creative with your background story, but "NO GOD-MODING" nor GROCERY LIST of items.

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This is the "Merchant Kingdom" of Sembia in the Eastern Heartlands of the Realms. It's actually a loosely connected collection of City-States, each holding Liege Lordship over their respective, surrounding manorial demesne. Manorial and Vassalage obligations are observed in respect to each City-State's lands outside the City walls. Instead of an actual manor Lordship, the government within each city is more of an Oligarchical organization, where the wealthiest and most influencial merchants call the shots. The Central, South, and Eastern regions are predominately farms, ranches, and plains; with villages, hamlets, and small towns dotting the region.
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