Name: Morgan
Age: Unknown, but appears to be around 16 or so. 
Race: Well.... She's a rabbit/human. 
Appearance: A young-looking and lean-built, but short lady, around the height of 5.1".  She has snow white hair that falls down to her shoulders, fair skin, dark red eyes, and white rabbit ears and tail. She wears a fancy black and white dress, with pockets, and white flats. In her pocket, holds a large golden pocket watch. 
Personality: Morgan is very skittish, timid, and shy. She's incredibly easy to scare, and is horrified of her own impending death. Another thing about her is that she is highly submissive. If you are her superior, she will avoid eye contact and stutter when speaking. 
Nationality: Hearts
Rank: Pawn. 
Alignment/Good or Evil: Good. She's WAY too timid to be evil

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((character. basically special owner-only "omniscient" type))
Name: Chess
Age: Unknown
Race: Calls them-self an "Informer"
Appearance: A hollow grey tuxedo with a white shirt, black tie and buttons, and an old-fashioned television for a head. 
Personality: Chess is a rather eccentric person whose manner is similar to the Cheshire Cat's. They tend to use terms of endearment when referring to people they know. They are rather mysterious, reminiscing about the Queens of both kingdoms with equal affection and frequently waxing poetic about nothing in particular.
Nationality: (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, or Clubs)
Rank: ???
Biography/History: He refuses to divulge it, but he is very old.
Alignment/Good or Evil: Chaotic Neutral

The rules!
This is an advanced RP for those who like their roleplay professional and literate! If you have writer's block or are unmotivated, that's okay! Now here's the real meat of the deal:
-Profanity is accepted! (That means swearing, innuendo, etc.) 
-Be kind. Even if you swear, do it with a clear conscience. 
-The Relaxed Fun Zone is a cheesily-named but very helpful spot to have non-literate roleplays! 
-Do not bully, harass, pick on, or tease others!! Do so jokingly if you wish, but hurting someone's feelings could get you banned!
-Violence is accepted, but overtly sexual content is frowned upon. 
-Have fun and happy roleplaying!

Here is a profile skeleton to fill out in order to make your character!!

Appearance: (Supply a picture if necessary) 
Nationality: (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, or Clubs)
Rank: (Knight, Bishop, Castle, or Pawn)
Biography/History: (Optional!)
Alignment/Good or Evil: (Optional!)
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