14 to 10 Phils over Taxas. A hitters day.

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Looks like the Phillies' GM is a far far smarter man than either Jim Hendry or the Theo/ Jed combo.


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Manuel turns 70 in January, and it remains to be seen what managerial openings there might be. It seems hard to picture a rebuilding team hiring Manuel, but perhaps a team that believes it is close to the postseason would consider him.

After jinxing the Phils into a series loss with the Mets it pains me even more to be watching Shane Victorino in a Red Sox uniform playing Tampa Bay. Maybe I should follow soccer or rugby. But, at the end of the day, I was born in Philly!!!

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Phils move to #2 in NL East. Can it continue?

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OK...Second half of the year, I'll see if I can re-energize if the Phils do. Been down this path before.  Let's see what happens with the Mets.

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So, for what it's worth, we're running out of time to vote for the All-Stars.  Phillies link is http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/phi/fan_forum/allstar.jsp

So can Lee redeem himself from Friday against the Brewers.  I'm afraid to watch!!

Another 9th inning nail-biter. Papelbon's streak ends but they pull it off. Now I can open that bottle of red.
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