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Alright lets get things straight, this community has gotten way out of hand although I appreciate those who decided not being an S-class monster or a human or even an anime/manga profile, thank you to those people
Lets get things clear, S class monsters are rare
Humans aren't suppose to be in Yokai
And!! We can't have twenty Moka's and whatnot!!

I'd love to get this community to be active but it is very very hard to do so currently, I'd like to ask everyone to repost their profile, or even make a new one in general~

Well sorry for not being here and bye for now!

One day at Yokai Academy, There is a mysterious man named Jacob Mordetzky. His goal is unlike anything you never heard.

Jacob: At the hallway, Interrogates students I'M LOOKING FOR A MAN NAMED TSUKUNE

I'm thinking about redoing my rp profile soon.

This community got big since I was here last

Loralei is sitting on the rooftop of a building by herself. She is new here.

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I'm thinking about as rping as the daughter of Lightning and Sally from the Cars series in honor of it making a third movie. I was going to name her Storm, but there is a character with that name. What should her name be?
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Anna-Marie (Anna or Marie nickname wise)
Anna-Marie (Anna or Marie nickname wise)

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Name: Loralei
Full name: Loralei Savannah McQueen
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
Human/monster form: See below for her human form: I don't have her monster form, but I have a picture of her human form.
Pet: N/A
Powers: Electricity
Family: Lightning McQueen and Sally are her parents.
Bio: She is from Radiator Springs and is cautious around the humans. Loralei often feels uncomfortable around some boys. She is good friends with Molly (daughter of Mater and Holly), Anne (daughter of Finn McMissile), and Harper (daughter of Chick Hicks and Candance). She is friends with Harper despite their dads being rivals.

I'm new here and I'm totally new to the whole Rosario vampire thing.

Um hello I'm new here I wanted to ask the moderaters or the owner about the character I'm going to create.

I'm kinda surprised there are still active people on here. I've been gone for awhile.
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