Who wants to roleplay

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I don't really mind the nudity
art by ShadowKyurem12

During Gym Class, the blonde girl was in the locker room, changing out of her pants into her tight little shorts, trying to squeeze her large butt into them. She comes out, breasts bulging from her top, thighs exposed for anyone to see. She went to the gym room and fell in line with the rest of the students who were doing jumping jacks

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🌸Just a doodle I did for myself!🌸

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🌸 ~CBHS Student ID~ 🌸
Name: Kimberly White
Age: 17 (March 14)
Gender: Female
Class: Junior
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150 lbs
Club(s): Tennis, Video Games

Bio: Kimberly is a well rounded student, she makes good grades, stays out of trouble, and does what her teachers' ask her to do. Sometimes she will get in trouble for her dress code, but other than that she stays out of trouble. Her mother and father are divorced, and she currently has no job. She plays for the school's tennis team, and has won multiple trophies for it.
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Name: Extremus Deathmare
Age: 37,841 (he doesn't tell his actual age, so he says he's 36)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Teacher
Appearance: look at the picture
Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, Russian
Class: World History
Bio: He wanted to be a teacher for students to learn about the world's historical events that happened hundreds of years ago. Extremus is a Cloud Strife clone, so he is a warrior when he goes out in adventures with his friends. He sometimes hate strict people and disrespectful students. Extremus is a teacher who is not to be messed with.

Feel free to invite your friends ^_^

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Anyone up for a roleplay?
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