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Welcome to Time Travelin', a Roleplay community where you time travel. Before you get started, might as well get some rules up in this joint.

1: No god modding, and if you don't happen to know what that is, it's when your character is over-powered beyond belief. Don't do that.
2: The main focus of time travel is on Earth
3: You must make a profile before RPing here, which also must be approved my an owner/mod.
4: Harassment is a no-no in this community
5: Time paradoxes are reserved for RP events. You can take the reins of a time paradox, but you must ask a mod or owner first.

With all that said and done, have fun whilst Time Travelin'.

Character Template

{Insert quote here (optional)}

|| Name ||

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Abilities ||

|| Status ||

|| Species ||

|| Other Things Of Note ||

|| Biography ||

(Picture is recommended, but give appearance description in bio if not possible)

Time Machine Template (optional if time machine not used by character)



\\Defense systems//

\\Offense systems//


\\Other Things Of Note//


(Picture recommended, if not possible give description of appearance)
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