There seems like an unspoken agreement
To take turns in ignoring each other
He does it now
She'll do it later
Until such time they care no longer
Each other's presence or absence
Does not anymore matter
They became advocates of indifference
And mastered the art of silence


He's so good at making trouble
Asking for too much favour
Always begging to let him tag along
Cracking jokes you find not funny at all
He's not part of any clique, and never will be
Oh yes, you finally made it all too clear
Feeling unwanted, and worst hated
Now, he's paralysed with existential dread
He has a name, but you call him the cranky odd ball
... until all the bullying took its toll


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We only have ourselves to blame

Conversations turned into a shouting match
Spitting profanities became an art
Words felt like a smash in the face
When it comes to each other, we run out of praise
The most poisonous kiss, how dare I yearn?
Our castle was founded on lies, only later I learnt
How did our relationship turn out this way?
We only have ourselves to blame.


I wouldn't have known
until your weary eyes told me
The fears you kept at bay
& the laughter that cloaked your tears
The times you cried for help
but fell on deaf ears
That yearning that someday
someone will at least listen to your stories
and care...
for real.


Remind me what it's like to be contented
Like nothing is worth worrying about
That things need not be made complicated
And decisions shan't be clouded with doubt

Remind me what it's like to be contented
Like a child heartily bouncing up and down the couch
Like a pet dog playing fetch-me with his best friend
Or a parent's calming thought of his bundle of joy sleeping safe and sound

Do remind me not to mock other's pain
That one's goodness shan't be shortchanged
That it's beyond rewarding choosing love over hate
In investing compassion, I have more to gain.


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Oh, what a vivid description!
Snorting lie is your religion.
Such concocted vicious scenario,
You were the victim, never the outlaw.
Another soul got wasted,
Fell victim to a rotten system.
Tormented and defeated from within,
Judged even before it all begins.
Your definition of utter bliss
Is seeing others in anguish,
Condemned for a crime they didn’t commit,
Ostracized till their demise.
All of these you witnessed,
In the front seat you’re perfectly seated,
With a bottle of vodka in one hand,
And the loaded gun in the other one.

©grvillabeza 2016

"Cara Delevingne"

By Arcassin Burnham 

Her love is like turning the tides away from the
Docks at riverside in the afternoons and fighting
Off horrific terrifying fire breathing dragons that
Overwhelmed us in desperate times of weather
Or not this is a fantasy
Depends on the what you read,
I'm certain that the things I say won't change the fact
That she's a heart of golden pellets in my brain that 
Drives me insane,
Driving me to the ends of the earth to meet her standards,
But who needs standards when you have the warm embrace 
Of someone holding you and makes firecrackers pop off
In your head when they kiss you,
I guess thats what that boy thought in paper towns,

Hoping that you see me for the creative , simplistic 
Caresmatic,  articulate black boy from Florida that
Has no life at all and sees shame in every corner of
Of that aspect, only wanting the best for himself and
His family,

I can sit here all day and talk about how beauty stikes
Power in your soul,
Or do something lame like make memes and continue
To gain self-control
I'm just an old soul in a teens body putting one foot forward
Each time I console with myself
Sometimes I can't stand myself,
But with you in the mix we will only prevail.

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