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This is RainClans favorite flower. They love it because of the beautiful blue color and the scent of fresh dew.

This is how RainClan left her siblings to join the other four clans..

The icy wind swept the colorful leaves off the ground and made them swirl in the air. It was a full moon, Dewstar and her Warriors were the last to arrive at the gathering. She climbed up the steep hill and stood in between her siblings.
All anyone could see was the dark silhouettes of the clan leaders. Sunstar waved his tail for silence. He nodded towards Dewstar. It was her time time to speak. Her heart quickened as she opened her jaws to talk.
"We have decided to leave this place in search for a new home."
All the cats gasped. Moonstar opened her jaws to protest, but Sunstar swiped his tail across her face.
"Why." His dark brown eyes were small slits.
Dewstar repeated the words she was told,
"Your future lies by the rippling rivers and the dew covered grass..."

The next part of the story will come soon, if you like it! Hope you enjoyed!
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