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<<Puppy Role Play Template>>((Please include a picture of your dog character to))



((+White Fang The Pup Of Akela and Raksha​ is the mom in this community))


i was running around the woods alone have a grand old time alone when I accidentally trip on a root and tumble down a large hill hitting my head and some rocks on the way down and when I hit the bottom I’m out cold but before i pass i seem another pup approaching

Name: white out

Gender: male

Age: 4 months

Type/breed: shiberian husky

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Name: Max

Gender: Male

Breed: Labrador retriever

Age: 2 years

Mother: Delilah (DEAD)
Father: N/a

Art credits: Mike Nolan at Mike Nolan Studio

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flame howls as hello


Tobias sits and enjoys the eclipse.

(I know it's a little late, had no WiFi when it happened)

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Marley sits there with her pups +Ice Fox Prod.​ +Alejandra Montes DE oca Anna​ and her other pups

Can everyone else stay in here please. I don't wanna lose anymore of my pups. I don't wanna be losing my puppies.
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