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2m. Cheap Antenna . . .
2m GP Antenna - Cheap !
2m GP Antenna - Cheap !

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We are PCBdog Electronic Technology Company Limited which dedicates to providing the product of PCB/PCBA. We provide rigid PCB, Flex and Rigid-flex PCB. aluminum based boards, Frequency (RF), HDI, back-drill, super long size (up to 1.5m LED line bar).
We are supporting customers from QTA, low/medium volume to mass production.
We have a professional team with more than 20 years work experience in PCB/PCBA fileds,
Provide satisfied service and make sure customer's cost down is our mission.

Best Regards
Tel +86 13651445523
Wechat: pcbdog
Skype: +8613651445523
PCBdog Electronic Technology Company Limited.

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Few questions for making the icom marine antenna tuner to work with any universal HF radio systems, the antenna tuner systems include 3 variants, icom at-130 , icom AT-130E , icom AT-140.

I am trying to primarily make these tuners to work with 2 HF radio models,
1. Yaesu ft-450d
2. Home brew 3 band HF 40 watts transceiver

any ideas anyone??
pls contact vu3sxn at

vu3sxn / kc3cwd

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The most difficult person in life is nothing more than a choice.

Share PCB's business philosophy:
Value maximization, the pr ice is minimized., Skype live:ca0b619a692bb09a.

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My preferred construction technique for biffilar transformer 1:4. Made from a piece of rg316, 4 times small binocular ferrite (tv balun type).
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Ham Radio - The CQ-Caller Interface.

This box provides older Ham Radios a voice memory keyer feature feature that is often found on modern high end rigs.
Voice memory keyers are often used in Ham Radio contesting environments , but can also be useful in general amateur radio use , for example when your trying to be noticed on a dead band , or if you are QRP.

Built on the same basic design as my Digi mode interface the CQ-Caller Interface has some things that my Digi mode interface doesn't.
Careful attention was payed to preventing ground loops and problems with RF interference.

Once connected to the audio mixer , simply play a pre-recorded CQ call mp3 file on the computer and it will key the radio and feed the audio to the radio.

More ham radio and short wave radio videos by gregW:-) OH2FFY at - 'HamAndShortwaveRadio'.

Hello everyone ,

to date 50 (fifty) "members" have been removed from the community. .Check whether you are on that list ... 7 3 !

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Little antenna i made for backpacking use.
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