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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Allow us to announce our first new weekly segment, Timelapse Tuesdays!
We at ZBHO are proud to bring you a mix of original time lapses from artists, accompanied with music to form the perfect union every Tuesday, exclusively at! We encourage your submissions to get on the calendar for an upcoming Tuesday release. All 2d and 3d art time lapses will be considered and can be submitted via Please send them to
We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Today's Timelapse features's very own: 
Lance Baker. Lance Baker is a talented character modeler based out of Oregon. Did you know that Lance enjoys to play the violin in between jobs and personal projects? Lance claims, "The violin allows an escape which helps me through my creative blocks. I find having outlets external to 3d help me with the process and approach to my work."

You can see more of his personal and professional work through his website @

Thanks for watching!

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