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Secure Your Apache Server From Hacker with Easy Steps
Apache HTTP Security and Hardening Tutorial

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Funny how web hosts are spamming this group with ads that I have to remove.

This group is intended to support the web host, Apache Website Hosting.

I am happy to answer questions related to that service, though this is not intended to replace our proper tech support phone numbers and ticket system.

Online Tech Support: 24/7
-Reached through the account control panel or or
1-855-211-0932 ID: 135453

Now that this is clear, I would appreciate if those responsible would stop spamming the group. Thank you.

Welcome to Apache Website Hosting.  

While we focus on Linux Apache web hosting and servers, we encourage everyone to join as long as they won't spam the group, are upbeat and positive, helpful and professional, and use good netiquette.
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