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Good morning, all! GORUCK has a new event out this summer called Operation: CLEAR FIELD. It comes with two unique patches for completion as well as a shiny new scanner badge. This will only be available to acquire this summer through August, in 120 cities around the US and at Quebec City's Mission Day. The event itself is a 4-hr team-based scavenger hunt around the city, with exploration, community service and Ingress elements -- there will be challenges in all three. It's casual and doesn't require you carrying weight or doing exercises, just walking like a Mission Day at your own pace.
The closest this event comes to Toronto is this weekend, in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Please consider signing up, it's an awesome time ☺

Friday evening (6pm) in Buffalo:

Saturday (10am) in Rochester:

Find other events here:

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Via Lux Toronto was won by Enlightened agents on September 24th. The Acolyte graced us with her presence later that evening!

Perfect weather to decompress for a #MissionDay in Toronto. Thanks to +Linda Besh, Niantic and the local community for putting on this weekend's events.

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Amy John (G1ngerOverlord, RES) from Brantford has started a Women only community for those of you who want a break from the sausage party that is Ingress. The link to join is in the post below
For the ladies of Ingress. I started a cross faction group for female players in the Southern Ontario area. It's just getting off the ground but if you want to join, just apply. I might contact you to confirm your IGN.

At this point, there's no chat group for it but that might change in future.

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These "rules" are obviously meant to be light hearted but there a lot of cross faction "rules" that everyone should take seriously.
This is the current top 20 unofficial ingress rules as submitted by and voted for by agents. You can read all the rest on, submit any that are missing and vote for the rules you like.

Rule #1 - GPS Spoofing
GPS spoofing is the most destructive form of cheating in the game. Anyone caught doing this should be reported to Niantic and banned from the game.

Rule #2 - That Portal Is Not Yours!
A portal is never YOUR portal, you may hold it, you may care for it, but it's never yours. Don't get upset when another player wishes to spend time with that portal too.

Rule #3 - This Is Not Pokemon GO
Enough said.

Rule #4 - The Tell Tale Guardian
If you have a guardian portal over 20 days old, you do not speak of said portal or even think about it. You nonchalantly recharge it, paying it not special attention. Doing otherwise is guaranteed to result in losing it.

Rule #5 - Accounts
One IGN. One team. One device. One person. It is in the ToS we all agreed to when starting.

Rule #6 - The Sojourner Paradox
The Sojourner badge is both the easiest and hardest badge to get. No one can stop you from getting it but your own laziness.

Rule #7 - Detours
A detour is limited to no more than 5 hours! Getting milk can lead to a detour, but you are expected back home within the 5 hour limit. Anything longer than 5 hours is a planned mission. Rule #49 (Missions)

Rule #8 - Opposition Team Meet-ups
If you become aware that agents from the opposing team are having a gathering, do all that you can to crash said event. If your team is having the gathering, do not begrudge opposing team crashers. It is your own fault for not being stealthy enough.

Rule #9 - Get the F#%K Over It
If you lose your guardian at 89 days GTFOI! If you lose your guardian at 149 days GTFOI! Forget to hack for a day GTFOI! Someone takes down your megafield within 5 minutes of it going up GTFOI! You're a secret agent you don't have time to cry about it, congratulate the other team on their guardian hunting skills because, you've already Gotten The F#%K Over It. The ONLY Exception to this rule is when your phone is dropped and smashed beyond repair, at which point you can complain to all your fellow faction members and they must provide sympathy.

Rule #10 - Farm Location
Farms are decided not by the proximity to dense portals groups, but by how much food and hop-based beverage can be consumed whilst still maintaining range to as many portals as possible.

Rule #11 - The Game Paradox
The biggest question that plagues the minds of both ADA and Jarvis: after 90 days are you playing the game, or is the game playing you?

Rule #12 - If You Are Out Playing In Bad Weather, It Means You Are A Badass.
Your Badassness is strictly limited to the last bad weather you ingressed in, never your worst weather. This rule is only superseded when you have ventured outside into hurricane conditions to take down a field that covers your country, state or city.

Rule #13 - Directions
Portals should be used when giving directions to other agents, but remember that non-agents will not understand such directions.

Rule #14 - Play Socially
Ingress can be at its best when played socially. You are encouraged to reach out and connect with other agents. However, when planning to meet a stranger for the first time, do so in a safe setting. Don't be stupid.

Rule #15 - Late Night Comms Trolling
The most suitable time to COMMS troll the opposition is when you're recharging from home with fire and a scotch, whilst they are out on a cold and wet night.

Rule #16 - The New Level 1
Since the introduction of levels 9 - 16, level 8 will forever be known as the new level 1.

Rule #17 - Out of Area Experiences.
When travelling or visiting a new area, always say HI, in faction COMMS to the locals. If you are visiting an area with fewer agents and portals than your usual haunts, it is courteous to share capsules of level 8 gear and to upgrade as many portals as possible. If you are from a remote area, it is courteous to share extra keys of your most remote and hard to access portals.

Rule #18 - Ingress Is Not A Game
Ingress is not a game, it is much more.

Rule #19 - Douche Links
Douche links can be both highly annoying and highly amusing, depending on context. Douche links that just block an area from being properly fielded, but are otherwise uninteresting, can be annoying. Douche links that cut through the heart of area that normally has no hope of working, bringing both teams fields to a standstill, can be amusing.

Rule #20 - Always Finish With Ice Cream.
Create a megafield? Ice cream. 5 hour mission? Ice cream. Hack a portal? Ice cream. Ice cream? Ice cream.

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Via Lux Toronto
The two factions will square off as the XM anomaly series hits Toronto on September 24. It will be an epic battle with hundreds of agents per faction in the field!

Get in touch with your faction! I'm with Enlightenment.
ViaLux Toronto
ViaLux Toronto

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Mission Day Toronto
If this isn't the epitome of Ingress tourism, I don't know what is.
Those who want to unlock the medal should be there, September 25!
Mission Day Toronto
Mission Day Toronto

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Thanks to everyone who came out to First Saturday last weekend.

Everyone scores are in the linked spreadsheet below. Top scorers for each category were:

Levels Gained (1-7): IanBalgobin - 2 levels
AP Gained (1-7): Ankesyl - 202,482 AP
Levels Gained (8-16): Tsunder - 1 level
AP Gained (8-16): Kumquatery - 291,792 AP
Unique Visits: NeoMobius - 109 portals
KM Walked: DaxSilvan - 8 km
Links Made: Marygaypotter - 56 links

(If you're wondering what happens when there's a tie, we use percentage gained as the tie-breaker and agents can win one category only.)

All together, agents walked 134 kilometers and gained 3,384,160 AP and 9 levels for Toronto. Good job!

**Important - if you borrowed an anker (battery pack) from +Caroline Kwong, she would really like it back!
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