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There will also be an, Animal Jam membership Giveaway at the end of April. On my birthday I will be hosting a shop on April 26 2017 obviously and I will buy my self a membership but, there will be a 3 month membership giveaway. Hope to see some of you guys in the entering!

I love animal jam

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Now let's make it clear that this is specifically for Animal Jam and not for the latest trends. Please understand that we aren't trying to be rude but, the group was ONLY for Animal Jam. Emma Snyder you will be banned for 24 hours due to the random posting. Sorry. You may rejoin after those 24 hours. Thank You. And this will also be set as an example for posting random inappropriate images.
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Follow meh on instagram as: kawaiikitty75 :3

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Snow Leopards are 150 sapphires and are now in the app

For sapphire animals all cost 150 sapphires but their is always one on sale for 100 sapphires instead

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I can't believe I'm in Julian2's den
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