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Name: Ticci robbie
Age: 8
Gender: male
Likes: waffles,cats,clocks,people
Dislikes:pancakes,big dogs
Mental disorder: tics when angry or scared
Parents: clockwork and toby C:
*born trouble maker :)
*pic is profile pic,just picture it younger lol

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Hello all hehehe!!! I'm laughing Jill hehehe!!!

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Name: The Rake.
Age: The first encounter of The Rake was in 1691, and still going...
Weapon: Huge, metal claws that cover his own.
Gender: Male.
Height: Exactly 6 foot.
Bio: The Rake, has been encountered all over the world. From parts of Spain to America. The Rake is a humanoid creature, thought to have some relation too "The Slenderman". The Rake is always hunched and can be described as a naked man or a hairless dog. He has a disturbing body position, as if he has been hit by a car. When encountered by The Rake, one does not only feel terror, but a feeling of childish curiosity and behaviour. The Rake tends to ruin the lives of his victims and strike serious terror into parents of children. He stalks the family for a long time, deciding the best way to ruin them and drive the mother or father into total loss and sadness. Not much is known of him but he has been around for a very...Long time.
Physical formation: White, pale skin. Black, hollow eyes. Huge claws. Hunched body position.
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Name: Ticci Tobias but call me Toby
Age: bout 16 I don't really keep track
Gender: Male
Weapon: 2 Hatchets
Personality: Umm, I twitch a lot, I'm insane of course, I keep to myself, and i'm hyper.
and yeah.
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Name: Lou Purdy
AKA: Unknown Proxy
Age: 14
Weapons: Two poison tipped hatchets; a military hatchet and a throwing hatchet
Sex: Female
Specie: Proxy
Sexuality: Straight
Lover: No one
Personality: Kind, stubborn, insane, fun, sort of funny, always feels alone.
Powers: Float, teleport, can turn into a demon at some points, and can sprout fox ears and tail at night
Bio: I look innocent but I show no mercy, and I will show no mercy. I am kind and sweet, unlike my parents. They're dead now... giggles I killed them... It was easy. I became an orphan and because of that I always feel alone and I have no friends... Slendy found me and took me in, and now I have a wonderful father and three brothers; Masky, Hoodie, and Ticci Toby~
Appearance: A Mad!Cry mask, black hoodie with blood stains, ripped at the knees blue jeans, and black converses.
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~What I look like~

I also have short hair. About the same length as BEN's hair.

~Name~ Nic the decapitator

~Age~ 17

~Gender~ Female

~Crush~ Dark Link

~Killing Strategy~ First I stab them in the stomache then I cut there pinkie fingers off then I decapitate them and put their pinkies in a jar

~Pets~ None

~Occupation~ fox-human hybrid killer

~Likes~The word decapitation, videogames (ecpesially Assassins creed), skateboarding, grey hoodies, the colours black and green

~Dislikes~Victims that get away, the colour pink, people who call Link Zelda

~Bio~My parents were in a car crash when I was 11 my father died and my mother survived with a cuncusion. My little sister died of cancer when she was 5 and I was 13, after that I started to lock myself in my room until I was 15 and I ran into the forest and stayed there for 7 months and lost most of my sanity and started killing people. My mother most likely forgot about my existence and I never went back home I just ran and killed and slept. One day when I was 16 and 7 months old I saw a guy in a white hoodie and raven black hair and black pants and grey sneakers and paper white skin. I saw a smile that looked as though it was carved into his face and he had a bloody knife in his hand. I was about to kill him until he saw me and started running after me. I ran away from him and gave him a small cut on his left arm. I never saw him after that. 1 month later I was kidnapped and force fed a potion and thrown into a cage-like cell. 1 week later I escaped and ran a little bit and then found an abandoned shack and lived in there. 3 weeks had passed and during those weeks I was slowly changing into a fox-human hybrid. One day when I was sitting at the edge of a pond and looked at my reflection in the water I saw I had orange ears with white tips on my head. I felt something swish around near my bottom and saw a fox tail. I was stunned and ran back to the shack and tried to figure out why I look like this then thought back to when my kidnappers force fed me a potion. And that is my story..........

~Weapons~Axe, a big butchers knife and a pocket knife

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Name Tobias Slender
Age 15
Gender Male
Species Slender Demigod
Nickname Toby
Powers teleportation, time manipulation, magic, plant manipulation
Weapons scythe, tendrils, greatsword
Likes my hoodie, my proxies, reading, my iPod
Dislikes idiots, PEOPLE MIXING ME UP WITH SLENDERMAN, people that bully, rapists(yeah, I know, "that escalated quickly")
Bio my mother died giving me life, and my dad usually is too busy dealing with the Olympians. He, Zeus, and the other Sky Fathers and kings of the gods are all in a democratic republic, with him as the most respected. He's Kronos, lord of time. I'm also a higher up in the combined training camo for the demigod children of the gods. Uhm.. That should be it.
Pics the one that says splice is my favorite of Slendy's proxies. The fire fox is another of my forms. Shadow warrior is the same. I'm the one on the right. The hoodie wearing sexy beast is your's truly. The bone Scyther is my pet, Plaisio.
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This is my pistol, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for FUN! Good caliber, nuke tube on the bottom, small pistol size. Mine has a black handle and a white operator symbol. It also has a tendril where the top one's rose is.

Now then.. how do I create a profile?
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