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Have a happy New Year !!!!

"Lord have mercy on my enemies, because I won't."
"Damn, the fucker is more the one piece. Oh well, 'll still taste good fried."

Mason of the sleeping giant clan

Ironclad merchant
Berserker merchant
Shorty (insult)
Tiny giant (insult)

"Haven't a clue, I stopped fucking counting."
Approx. 15.

Human/giant hybrid


4'9 "ye better not laugh at me"


Tier: island
Attack Potency: solar
Speed: athletic human
Durability: planetary- solar system Striking Strength:island
Lifting Strength: island

Tattered cloth set
Barbed mace
Steel cestuses


Iron flesh: gains solar system level durability at the cost of almost all mobility. can't buff it with any thing else without disengaging it first.

Pyromancy: can produce and control any and all types of fire of any make up or temperature. Capable of manipulating plasma "Renders me immune to fire, fuckers."

Vulcan's touch: engulfs enemys in fire. Short ranged.

Vulcan's burning rage: produces a set of armor made of fire which buffs any and all physical attacks with fire damage

Toxic mist: engulfs area in a toxic mist for a time

Froststorm: engulfs area in a deadly hail storm

Frost giant's touch: encases enemys in ice.

Soul eater's touch: drains enemys of health.

Moon Crushing Dimensional Sword: both hands can used like swords and slash towards an intended target. It allows the user to "postpone the dimension in which they exist" and enables them to go through all matter and create the "ultimate blade". this technique is like a saw, moving back and forth between dimensions. It can also hit a target from long-range. But Mason can only use the short range version.

The ocean.

Physically looks like a starved prisoner from the middle ages. Wears bandages on most of the body, underneath clothes.

Chaotic neutral

Meat (any and all kinds including human)

Nice and cheerful, but easily angered. Likes to tease and annoy others.


my father, an eccentric mage of giant descent, fell for a female warrior he came across while hunting for dire bears. She had been fighting the dire bears my dad was tracking.  While my mother was hostile at first, she fell for him after he patched her up. After i was born, my father went away to research a ruin in another land. My mother raised me till i was five, then abandoned me in a forest. I was later picked up by a traveling circus, trained in all matter of skills, my speciality being medicine, bartering, escape artistry, magic, and self-defense. After reaching the age of 15 and becoming proficient in all they could teach me, i set out to find my fortune. 

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(This is my own art so sorry for the low quality picture... If you need to know what a part of him looks like then just ask and I'll draw it.)
Name: Observateur (Ob for short)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown (But voice sounds more male so it will be a he)

Species: (Fallen) Star Crane

Good, Evil, or Neutral: Neutral

Personality: Calm, Quiet, Pactient

Bio: He was in a small battle and became corrupted by darkness. The left half of his body was corrupted, leaving his light side wounded. His face was practically cut to the bone so he dons a mask. He lives secluded and alone, but enjoys the occasional company.

Weapons: Shark beak, ear piercing screech, slowing gaze, talons, poison blood, deadly dust from dark wing, and other unknown abilities.

Powers: Unknown

Weaknesses: If he fights he will have flashbacks that will render him harmless, Light and Dark attacks.

Family: Unknown.

Mate: Unknown.

Kids: Unknown.

Appearance (Because my camera is bad): He dons a pure white mask that one eye constantly bleeds black blood. He has multiple wounds that have never healed. He has three eyes on the underside of his light wing feathers, the bottom one is scared and can't see. He has exposed ribs on his dark side along with exposed wing and leg bones. He has six long tail feathers, his outer dark one is like an old black cloth (The same on his head), the inner dark feather is torn and scratched. His light side has eyes that can actually see. His neck feathers have eyes on them as well. His dark wing is torn and tattered while his light wing only has a claw wound on it. He can not fly due to his wings.

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Species:Demon Wolf
Good, Evil, or Neutral?:Evil
Bio: I have died in my parents eyes...They were so happy 'cas I have died.Nobody cares about me!I whos single in this world.Like,I don't exist enymore!Just a single wolf,she cares about me!She likes me!But,I can't find her...She...Dissapiers.Probbaly she is in the Heaven,and I'm...I'm a Demon!When I have dead,I haved 3 years.But...Nobody will care about me!That's why I am a Demon,because I am so sad,so sad like I whant to kill!
Weapons: His powers,teeth
Powers:Very strong,Demon power,can transfor in eny wolfes and animals,can go in other dimentions,can travel in time.
Family: (optional) Unknow
Appearance: (pic or description):A black wolf covered in blood with red eyes.
He can't die and can't be healed,he is a demon!

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Black Wolf
Name Raven heart or storm
Age 7 wolf years
Gender male
Species wolf
Good, Evil, or Neutral: Good and evil
Rank Rouge
Pack none
Personality strong, brave, loyal, destructive, cocky, rude at times, passionate, kind sometimes, confident, protective
Likes hunting, respect, destruction, brave warriors, a good fight, and his sister
Dislikes watching his family get hurt, being disrespected, no one following order, and losing all the time
Powers speed, telekinesis, and different form
Relatives Moon
Mate none (open)
Pups none
Crush none (Open)
Bio unknown (find out in a rp)

White Wolf
Name Moon
Age 5 wolf years
Gender female
Species wolf
Good, Evil, or Neutral: good and evil
Rank Rouge
Pack none
Personality sweet, cocky, rude, thoughtful, protective, kind, loyal to pack, passionate, brave, strong
likes destruction, hunting, fighting, being respected, and her brother
Dislikes being disrespected, rudeness, a good game, being hurt, and perverts
Powers has ice magic, can heal anyone in a second, make poison through smoke
Relatives storm
Mate none (open)
Pups none
Crush none (open)
Apprentice none (open)
Bio (find out in a rp)

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Names: (Left) Talon, (Middle) Mei, (Right) Blood .The most frequently used name is Crimsons.
Age: They are all 120
Gender: The heads on the left and right are males, and the head in the middle is a female
Species: Cerberus
Good , Evil, or Neutral: Neutral
Personality: Mei is bossy, stern, and protective, Talon is aggressive, and mean, and Blood is kind, friendly, and sarcastic
Bio: They were rejected from the guards on the Evil side. Mei still remembers that day when they were cast aside, Talon nearly killed half of the guards in fury, and Blood didn't really care, which got him in trouble because his brother and sister seemed to care. Alot. They now live in the forest, but visits the city often to trade things for food.
Weapons: Their sharp teeth and claws
Powers: They can breathe fire, and turn into this monstrous cerberus when their angry, or when they try to defend themselves
Weaknesses: None
Appearance: First image is their normal form, second image is their monstrous form
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Spirit (First one) and Shadow (Second one) 
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Name dark feather
Age 4 wolf years
Gender Male
Species Shadow wolf
Good, Evil, or Neutral: Evil
Personality cold hearted, dark, mysterious, independent, kind sometimes, protective
Bio unknown
Weapon claws and teeth
Powers can change into shadows and posses the potent
Weakness kind hearts or love
Mate (open)
Crush (open)
Kids/pups none
Appearance pic

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