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Walks into a class to interdose myself

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Hello I'm new, my name is Damon MorningStar


Name: Lily Amber
Age: twelve
occupation: Mafia boss/ street lord
Likes: Blood guts and gore
Dislikes: Crybabys, emotions, anything Happy, sunlight
Weapon(s) of choice: Swords, scythes, anything tthat can blow shit up.

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walking down a hallway in my leafeon form I always get a look at guys but I didn't care one time wen I was walking some guy was drunk and passed me looking back at me

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Name: aria the umbreon
Gander: female
Likes: obeying
Dislikes: mean people
Bio: is part Pokemon and human

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Name Silver MacEwen
Age 18
Rank 3 stars weapon
P shy kid mean. Brave strong
Bio like scourges of warriors and turns into an cat
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Name: Hei Tasatsu
Weapon: Multiple forms (see images)
Age: 17
Bio: I'm a weapon that fights without a meister as most would just hold me back in a fight, but i am looking for a meister that is powerful enough for me. Oh and i'm the child of Black star and tsubaki.
Likes: Training to further his all my skills, Fighting, Watching anime (even my rp character is an otaku)
Dislikes: People getting in my way or slowing me down, boredom, cheating in a fight,
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