Don't know if it is supposed to be a feature or a bug, but whenever I try to empty the playing queue, the next time I open the app the queue still has the songs in it.

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I tried to run the application from github:
and it is not working.
Basically I followed the guidelines and filled the fields for identificafication in
Can you please double check and send back and answer.


Hi, in which way will I receive my download of the beta Version? I registered yesterday and nothing happened...

An update was released earlier today with fixes for a few crashes and the player not pausing when you use another app to play music. v6.00.135 - Enjoy. 

Hi, a new version of the beta app (v6.00.132) is out now and ready for testing. This update includes many improvements and fixes for the player, improvements to image loading, faster syncing of your music and more. Give it a try and let us know if there are any issues, especially with the player. Thanks!

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Hi everyone, a new update to the 7digital beta app is out now. This is v6.00.119 and has fixes for quite a few bugs including crashes when adding to playlists, download button issues in the store and problems with the notification player. Please send us your feedback!

Also, we are aware of some issues with the player and are working to resolve the problems asap. Thanks!

Install the latest 7digital beta from Google Play

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The 7digital beta app is now available! To test:

1. Join this community using the same email you use to access Google Play 

2. Open the following link and click “Become a Tester”:

3. Wait for a short while, then install the 7digital app from the Play Store
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