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The only rivalry that has been opened to the next contestant is now being evacuated by the New Nexus and the Corre will not be able to stand in that competitive sight of our opinion!

The barrage era has just begun boys...

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This group has been the worst rivalry in my opinion, so if you've turned heel/face against this group, Your Either Bad or your Against Evil League.

Kennedy, why would you think that, faith has gotten into us for the betrayal. There will be the best and greatest one there will be, William was sucked into Simon after he ripped his band off 6 months ago.

OY, Kennedy, Vincent B, I want you to get more members to join so we can out number the New Nexus.

So it's equal, The Nexus are four, and so are we, buckle up boys! A mistaken rivalry has started.

So it seems like Gabriel decided not to join and decline the request of the all greatest equivalent rating of what was going on? So it seems like Wes has to exiled from The O.U.T.C.A.S.T? No choice but, sorry Wes.
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