So... we are all Fernandes related here?

Canon Roster

Jellal Fernandes

Natsu Dragneel +Samuel Lupin™

Lucy Heartfilia +Sarada Uchiha

Erza Scarlet

Gray Fullbuster

Juvia Lockser

Gajeel Redfox +Quindarius Jones The Emerald of the Crystal Gems

Levy McGarden




Wendy Marvell

Sting Eucliffe

Rogue Cheney



Yukino Agria

Rufus Lore

Minvera Orland

Lyon Vastia

More will be added

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[Information of Character]
Name: Julia Fernandes
Birthday (if known):
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight

[About Him/Her]
Personality: Julia is a kindhearted and reserved girl, quite opposite of her brother. She likes working with others and gets along with others, but she prefers to be by herself most of the time. Unlike her brother, she was never possessed to treat people the opposite way than she would.
Likes: Her brother, magic, Fairy Tail, her comrades, having fun, messing around with other comrades, Fairy Tail winning the Grand Magic Games, going on jobs
Dislikes: Being defeated in battle, comrades or her brother being severely injured, dark guilds, Zeref, demons created by Zeref, being lied to, being betrayed
Type of magic: Heavenly Body Magic
Bio: Julia grew up not knowing her brother because they were separated at a young age. Their parents were killed as a dark guild attack their village and taking the children to use for child labor. Julia was able to escape, but Jellal was captured and taken to the Tower of Heaven to finish building it. Eventually, Julia discovered how to use her heavenly body magic and decided she wanted to join Fairy Tail.
As she started to age, she met newer members of Fairy Tail, especially Erza who knew Jellal from the Tower of Heaven. Then there was Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial mage who Loke kept running away from. (until he was accepted back into the celestial world)

[Guild Affiliations]
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild mark location: Left shoulder
Guild Rank (S-class, master, normal): S-Rank
Team name: Unknown (For now)

[Family and Friends]
Parents: Unknown
> Jellal (Twin Brother)
> Zeriana (Sister)
> [Open]
> [Open]
Crush: Sting Eucliffe

Appearance (Description): Julia is basically a female version of her brother. She had shoulder length blue hair and the maroon symbol on her face. She normally keeps the side of her face that has the maroon symbol hidden behind her hair.

Relationships [Canon x OC/Canon]

Jellal Fernandes x Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet x Jellal Fernandes

Natsu Dragneel x [Canon/OC]

Lucy Heartfilia x [Canon/OC]

Erza Scarlet x [Canon/OC]

Gray Fullbuster x [Canon/OC]

Sting Eucliffe x Julia Fernandes +Yuri Plisetsky (The Russian Punk) and +

Rogue Cheney x Zeriana Fernandes +AriaFernandes FromFairyTail

Lyon Vastia x [Canon/OC]

Rufus Lore x [Canon/OC]

Gajeel Redfox x [Canon/OC]

More will be added

Profile Format

[Information of Character]
Birthday (if known):
Sexual Orientation:

[About Him/Her]
Type of magic:

[Guild Affiliations]
Guild mark location:
Guild Rank (S-class, master, normal):
Team name:

[Family and Friends]

[Looks and Appearance]
Blood Type:
Hair Style:
Appearance (Description):

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