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World Championship RC Scale Model Airplane Opening Show FAI Meiringen 2018 Meiringen is in the middel of Switzerland in a Valley beautiful Mountains enjoy this SR-71 Blackbird with a fantastic background. The New R/C Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird by Roger Knobel with After-Burn.

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Working on 1/32 Revell F4G Phantom kit. Any suggestions on panel line treatments?

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The Raptor is completed, consuming about five hours of active working time. Even if I say so myself, it ended up looking pretty neat for a [very] modern plane. Things were hopefully learned and maybe I managed to improve myself a bit. Maybe.

Feedback, comments and criticism and generally everything but the rotten vegetables are greatly appreciated :)

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☀✈8-| 2015 Hausen Flugtag/Switzerland☀✈ 8-|
R/C SR-71 Blackbird Stealth Jet flown by Roger Knobel
enjoy it and from Switzerland greetings your RCHeliJet
Full HD 1080

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Hooray! I finished my  three-hour project that covered almost three months :) As usual, it wasnt' without faults and feedback of every sort is welcome.

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Mig-21 walkaround. Useful reference for modellers.

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I started building the F-16A one afternoon and ... practically woke up when it was all assembled. It goes or should go without saying that the equipment (fuel tanks & weapons) weren't included yet. The painting I left for a later day :)

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The N/AW A-10 of mine is finished.
It was surprisingly quick and in a way easier than what I expected. Still I made some stupid mistakes with certain things, like the decals.

Feedback's welcome, as always :)

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Bombs done, painted, installed and varnished. Then I had an idea and went for a bit of wire-mangling. At least I think it was a good idea.
This post is two days late as I just haven't had the time to share :s

Also: the post's name is a horrible pun, don't pay attention to it if you want to stay sane :p

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