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#DevFestAddis is coming in November 2017...

Check out to find details of the biggest gathering of developers in Addis Ababa.

Hey guys,

Salem natchu!

Just wanted to remind you that the Global community has moved to

You can join the GDG Addis meetup through this link for updates on our latest meetups.

Join here

Don't forget its the #DevFest Season. and DevFest Addis is coming soon...

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Hey guys!

Check out our Next '17 Extended viewing party coming up pretty soon...
Ensure you reserve a seat...

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DEADLINE: You have until Dec 01 to submit ideas to the $1m InnovateAfrica fund for digital journalism.
Winners will receive up to $100,000 each in seed funding, along with additional technology support, business and editorial mentoring, and help accessing media markets across the world.
#innovateAFRICA is designed to help African media experiment with leapfrog technology, including mobile apps, 'bots, drones, sensors, 360° video, augmented reality, and data-driven journalism. The initiative also seeks to help African media diversify its business models, and deepen its engagement with audiences.
Applying is easy: just answer eight (8) simple questions, and tell us how much you need for your project.
Find out more here:

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Just uploaded my talk on some of my favorite technologies, #Golang & #FlowBased programming at the #AddisDev meetup at xHubAddis last night, on youtube: ... if any of you find it interesting!

(kindly filmed by my dear wife, using my action camera, so apologies for the shaky video and fish-eye effect!)

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We are just about to start this meetup, on #golang  among other things, if you're in the Lafto mall area!

Introducing an Open Source implementation of Google Drive Realtime API
Live Playground:
Project Source:

It was inspired by Google Wave, provides Google Docs–style instant collaboration, and lets multiple people edit the same data(JSON format) simultaneously.

The server runs on vert.x, uses Redis to scale across multiple frontend servers, and uses ElasticSearch for persistent data store and search engine. It also has native Android/iOS/JavaScript client libraries.

#Android  #GWT #JsInterop #J2ObjC 

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For Android App Developers
We've just released Android Studio 0.1.7. In addition to some important bug fixes (such as for the incremental compilation bug), it has a couple of small improvements as well, such as ScrollView pane rendering, render error panel fixes, and stylesheet resource previews. For more details and installation instructions (which basically amounts to run "check for updates"), see

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