Please everyone come over to our Facebook community page, and continue with the group the membership has greatly increased and we can no longer keep both pages going. Also receive 20 to 30 percent discount when you book or make your travel arrangements. Go to

Thank you to everyone who has joined the group, we are very happy and would like to give honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for making this group possible. God has laid the foundation for us to walk upon many people are suffering daily. Because they are just hopping around with no direction or purpose. But we have a direction and a passage that should bring you closer to developing a relationship of your own with the lord. Our first step is understand the Law of Promise and its purpose for you, this is found in the book of Ephesians chapter 1 3-23 if you could start reading it over and over until the holy spirit bring a direction and path to travel then you are read to build a profile page at htttp://
A message will come to me and I will send you step two. Once again Welcome to our group
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