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March 2, 2017 : Brilliant Light Power story from Fresno, CA NBC and CBS TV affiliates

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Canada Military Study predicts Cold Fusion (LENR) will introduce golden era of less war and boom time for our resource economy.

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9. Conclusion - LENR : DND/CAF energy recurring expense represents a substantial portion (4%) of its budget. The $538
million for energy is more than the total department S&T investment. The discussed emerging technologies provide amazing potential improvements to DND/CAF capabilities while at the same
time making operations and missions more sustainable.
Eventually, technology like LENR will facilitate the integration and persistent exploitation of new information technologies and weapons such as railguns and DEWs on legacy and future platforms.
Such capabilities were either not achievable or sustainable using legacy energy technologies.
It is expected that Canadian multidisciplinary teams with relevant know-how would investigate the
plausibility of claims made about LENR while DRDC conducts operational research studies and
system analyses to estimate which legacy capabilities would most benefit from such advanced
energy technologies. The time has come to investigate the impact of a variety of advanced energy
technologies on Canadian Defense and Security, and Canadian Armed Forces capabilities [29].
In addition, such energy technologies would provide opportunities to produce clean water and better
living conditions to people in places around the world affected by climate changes or already under
extreme harsh living conditions. Improved living conditions are likely to reduce regional conflicts
and wars. The advent of low-cost environment-friendly transportable energy sources/systems would
improve Canada resources exploitation and transformation thus stimulating its economy.

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Jan 2016 : LENR news from Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). Excellent link to PDF.

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The committee is aware of recent positive developments in developing low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), which produce ultra-clean, low-cost renewable energy that have strong
national security implications. For example, according to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), if LENR works it will be a ``disruptive technology that could revolutionize energy
production and storage.'' The committee is also aware of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's (DARPA) findings that other countries including China and India are moving forward with LENR programs of their own and that Japan has actually created its own investment fund to promote such technology. DIA has also assessed that Japan and Italy are leaders in the field and that Russia, China, Israel, and India are now devoting significant resources to LENR development.

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FALLS CHURCH, VA, JUNE 14, 2016 – The U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services
Committee has ordered the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing on LENR (Low Energy
Nuclear Reactions) to the committee by September 22, 2016.

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Early steps to local grids - pre ZPE/LENR

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Apr 7, 2016 : Big day today - Results of the independent third party validation test. Test was performed by Dr. Ing. Fabio Penon, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, at the behest of Leonardo Corporation and one of its licensees, Industrial Heat, LLC. as both desired independent third party verification of the sustainability of the energy production of the E-Cat over a prolonged period. "The results of Dr. Penon's test was consistent with the measurements taken by the representatives of Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heat respectively during the course of the test" said inventor Andrea Rossi.
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