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addiction to chocklets
Chocolate Slave Children WILL be able to sue Nestle under reversal of ALIEN TORTE STATUTE US laws

In 2010, a U.S. District Judge dismissed the case of 3 Malians who alleged forced labor, whipping, beating, and other hazardous conditions, arguing corporations may not be sued under the Alien Tort Statute :

“the 1789 Alien Tort Statute was presumed to cover only violations of international law occurring in the United States.”

However, in a new ruling September 2014, Judge Dorothy Nelson of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for the Central District of California confirmed that ruling:-

“The prohibition against slavery is universal and may be asserted against the corporate defendants in this case. Private, non-state actors were held liable at Nuremberg for slavery offenses… The prohibition against slavery applies to state actors and non-state actors alike, and there are no rules exempting acts of enslavement carried out on behalf of a corporation.”

Nestle fought to appeal this decision, which the Supreme Court has now dismissed January 2016.

This will be a ground breaking case if justice can predominate, though with the lawyers Nestle can afford, they will likely come up with reasons why they cannot be sued.

Film: SHADY CHOCOLATE  by Miki Mistrati

After 2002, chocolate companies had promised to regulate their business, improving conditions for the children.  Documentary maker  visits local areas to see how well the school projects are going, under the ICI initiative.  Progress is piecemeal: they find unfinished buildings from 2009: ICI had asked, brazenly, that the villages contribute to the new building themselves! - Result: the children stay in an inadequate village school with leaky roof and muddy everywhere. 

Various schools are not revamped as promised, with no sanitation, so that only 200 out of 800 local children can use one of the schools.  When one village took their children to school, as requested by ICI, they were told they could not be enrolled! ?

Boys from Burkino Faso, 1500 km away (probably trafficked), are found working in Ghana: they say they have to finish the cocoa harvest on megacorp CARGILL and UTZ owned farm, before they can go to shcool.

Another farm he visits, run by MARS, ICI & RAINFOREST ALLIANCE , shows children and young teenage boys with dangerous machetes harvesting cocoa working in Cote D'Ivoire; illegally, according to UN International Labour Conventions.

Nestle profits €68billion

I can't be sure that my Fairtrade Ghanian chocolate has been fairly sourced.

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#AlienTorte #CorporateIrresponsibility #Slavery #ICI #Cargill #Mars #Ghana #CoteDIvoire

I plan to discuss sustainable living concepts here.

first we need to stop using chemical,toxic products ex.phenol as floor cleaner
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