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Apply for moderator just send me a message
If you see a * that means it is required.

*Real life name:
Year was born:
*Why do you want this rank:
*How active are you? Options: Not very active, Really Active, Kinda active.

If you see a (M) that means Moderator If you see a (L) that means there still doing there interview.
Open ranks:
(L)Advertiser~Get more people in the group.
(L)Chat Helper~Look at people questions.
(L)Chat Watcher~Watch chat to see if people curse or say nasty stuff and post stuff on the wrong thing and post nasty stuff.
(M)Chat Moderator~Have to be friends with all the Chat Watchers and they will tell them if they see nasty stuff or cursing.

I want to be a moderator please

I want to be a moderator please

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I made these on my tablet because there cute the secound one i just made so hopfully you like all of these photos😘
Cute photos
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I'm having some trouble with my roblox account I got hacked and the hacker spammed my BD and known all I see is hashtags I tyred going in hold with toolbox HQ but they keep saying the same thing

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Welcome! add me and we can talk if you want to be a moderator. Must have Skype too.
Skype: roblox.helper
Roblox prodile:

--------------------------RULES---------------------------------RULES---------------------------------- No dating
No cursing
Don't be mean
Don't put pictures, videos, and other post in the wrong post
Reply if you want a new rule added.
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