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Developers and designers, have you ever asked this question: "How do I go from wireframes in Sketch to code?"

This tutorial will take you on a journey to walk you thru this process in great detail (Sketch -> Flexbox layout -> React components).


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Tonight's meetup on React Native

For those of you who attended, thank you for attending tonight's meetup. It was awesome! It's amazing to see so many people interested in React Native since it holds so many benefits for business, design, and development stakeholders. Also, it was amazing to see so many people interesting in improving the communication and workflow between developers and designers today!

Here are some resources that I mentioned in the meetup itself

- Slides on Designing with React Native -
- Getting started with React Native tutorials -
- Some video clips from today's talk -
- Here's a great course on about Flexbox -

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Hi everyone, I've just published my 2nd tutorial on React Native. This one is all about in app navigation (using React Navigation) and styling. There's some really good stuff in it on how developers and designers can work more closely together using React Native as as common language (to an extent).

React Native holds so much promise for business, development, and design stakeholders! I am so excited about the potential impact and benefits of using this technology. I'm already hearing many stories of people who are doing things with RN that would not be conceivable using native Android or iOS alone.


PS - For those of you in the Bay Area, I'm hosting a meetup on React Native on the 18th ( Please join us if you're interested. 

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For you designers out there who want to wireframe on paper with ink and not pencil, here you go!

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Stop using those boring loading spinners in your UI. It’s killing your apps’ experience. Spinners are flawed as they don't tell you how much of the screen has loaded and how much remains. There's a much better approach.

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As a designer have you experienced the frustration caused by InVision Sketch plugin messing up the sync with your Sketch file? If so, learn how I solved this for my design workflow in this article.

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Hi everyone, I've been looking for React Native tutorials / books that were simple, but sophisticated enough (and up to date enough) to allow me to build production grade apps using React Native.

I couldn't find them, so I've been writing them myself. Here's the first in a series of tutorials on React Native -

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if you can get to that place in your work when you’re not feigning interest or curiosity, but truly “feeling it,” that’s where the art lies

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As a mobile developer myself, it may seem rather self-serving for me to suggest that the “developer experience” is important. In fact, at Google, I spent a significant amount of my time working with developers to help them navigate the complexity of developing for Android so they could build better, more engaging mobile apps. 

Eventually, my obsession with improving the developer experience (DevX) led me to leave Google and launch TRNQL (derived from “tranquil”), a startup focused on making the mobile development experience infinitely easier (

This community has been all about bringing developers into the UX design narrative. And now I've come to realize that developers are users too ... users of the development tools / products they use. And it doesn't seem like they get the design love that most consumer products get. And that's a shame. And we should change this. 

Join me! 

#DevXMatters   #DevsAreUsersToo  
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