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This is for developers and designers out there who use Android for development, design, and testing.

In Android Settings -> Developer Options (, you can enable a setting which allows the phone to stay awake while charging, which is really useful for me when I'm designing, building, and testing mobile apps.

However, I also have GSuite accounts on my phone, and the device policies don't allow the phone to stay awake for more than a few minutes. While I understand why they do this for security reasons, it is annoying for design and development to have to constantly wake the phone up & unlock it multiple times in an hour while I'm iterating thru designs.

To solve this problem +Maret Eiland​ and I have created a simple Android app that keeps the screen on while charging. It works with Android N and O. You can download it from the Play Store ( If you have a need to keep your screen on while charging, please give this app a try. And if you like it, please leave a review / rating.

You can also get the source code and design assets for this app here -


PS - Another excellent product for working with phones while iterating thru designs and development is a desktop phone stand -

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Dear Humans,

Our last few meetups have been centered around designers learning to code. The goal isn't that designers should become become developers, but that designers could gain a deeper understanding of technology so that they can bring their ideas to life in the way they envisioned them.

To this end we have created the following content to facilitate designers on their journey to learning how to code.

- "A designer's journey to learn coding", article by Maret Eiland -

- Slide deck 1/3: How designers benefit from learning to code -

- Slide deck 2/3: How designers can learn to code -

- Slide deck 3/3: JavaScript sample exercise -

- JavaScript source code example for practice -

We will continue to do more meetups in this series. The next set of meetups are going to be focused on React and React Native, and how designers can build things that they design, in collaboration with developers.


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I was struggling to create a smooth heart icon in Sketch over the weekend and eventually figured it out after trying 4 different methods with +Nazmul Idris.

Today I found this cool article on making icons in Sketch using boolean operators.

Check it out if you are interested making your own icons.

Dear All! Which is your favorite Software for User testing on mobiles?
I use eye tracking + mouse tracking, and you?

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Awesome article on understanding the different ways to launch an Activity in Android. It's a great reference for Android designers and developers.

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I believe it's important for designers to become fluent in code in order to facilitate stronger communication with developers, so that product teams can create better products. 🛠

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Hey, I made a custom view to draw line graphs. In this example, I display data of the past 5 years, so from 19 July '12 till today.

Now, I want to give the user a visual cue that just a part of 2012 and 2017 are shown. I tried this:

It seems off though. The first value looks like 19 July '12 , the last more like 18 July '16. What would you guys recommend?
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Ever wondered how to do translate the principles of ethnography into digital spaces? This video takes you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to respectfully find and connect with users in the digital landscape. Let me know if you find this useful :)
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