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"Hia i'm Levy McGarden your Hostest if you wish. Welcome to Fairytail!!! Master Makarov Dreyar will be so pleased to see new members in here. it's always fun talking to new members here. Let me introduce you to some of the members of the Guild. I'm sure that you guys know Erza, Gray, Natsu, and Lucy"

"Hey don't forget about the best member of the team" said Happy

"Of course i wouldn't forget about you Happy i was just saving best for last"


"anyways you guys probably know the main team, so i'll let you guys wonder around. if any questions please ask me, and please follow the rules that'll be nice. Thank you"

Rules :

~ be respectful of other people
~ put your post in the correct category if not it would be removed, if you can't find a spot to put it please tell me
~try not to post any hentia
~ make a profile and get it approved
~if you want to be a leader of a guild or make a guild then talk to me and we will see
~please do not ask to be a mod. I'll choose who will and I might have a "test" if you'd like to be one.
~ do not tell the mods or owners how to do their job. And do not do there job for them (if you do then I'll skip warning one and go to warning #2 if you do it again removed from community)
~ 3 warning rule.
•1st warning sent by a post
•2nd warning 1 week suspension with post
•3rd post 2 week suspension
• kicked out

Profile Rubric

((if you want you can make your own Character that isn't in the Anime and that's perfectly fine ^w^))
~guild tattoo and where it is on your body
~powers (if you want to be a Dragon slayer please please please talk to me)
~Partner (one)
~allianced team (you & your partner, & another team (also talk to me))
~why you want to join the guild
~Bio ((at least 4+ sentences))
~Picture is needed ((drawing is perfectly fine))

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Bisca and Evergreen. Another couple of beauties from Fairy Tale
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Pocky ^w^

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+Gajeel​ hehe

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Who should I draw ?
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Another Fairy tail community you should only join if you have the time. I mean, you can if you don't but I'd rather not steal members away from this community's members
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