Good night good night to who ever reads this I pray I wake up in the morning every morning Is a blessing I am blessed to wake up  at all sometimes I feel that I am cursed to wake up. because of the pain I go through. but noone want to hear about that. I am tired so good night and sweet dreams 

I am feeling sad becuase I have made Homemade blankets and No one want them. I am known as Blanketmaker. My favorite band doesn't answer any of my emails or twitts so I just keep trying to get them to answer me. I make baby blankets to SUPER- SUPER Blankets.
I do wish that I would get an answer soon. OH If you notice the picture it is of the tour in 2009 group D Lady in black. I was 615 lbs and now I have dropped down to 295 lbs. see how different I look. coming soon is an update photo.  I am hopping they come my way this year so I can get away from home for a weekend I need to breathe. I have been stuck in the house for 5 years it is time for BREAKOUT who is with me?
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