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Name: Naomi Oakwood
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Home: Skyloft
Personality: Sweet and kind, friendly and helpful
Bio: She doesn't tell anyone her story
Other: She has a pink flute that she got from her mother
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Name: Neon
Personality: Really Shy Around Girls and Shy In General, Not Very Social, Funny
Appearance: Blond Hair, White Highlights, Green Eyes, Neon Green Shirt, Gloves with a triforce Symbol on the right hand
Age: 16
Love stats:Single
Home: Gerudo Valley, Now Skyloft (I'm that Male that is born every 100 years, But I moved to Skyloft)
LoftWing: Neon Green Feathered Loftwing
Hobbies and Such: Likes to make new friends,Rides his Loftwing most of the time, Sometimes takes his Sword out and practice using it
Secrets: Has seen Ganondorf as a Child, has a secret base under his room

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name  : fearian
age : 15
home : skyloft
love stats : no one
class : Z

Name: E
Age: 17 
Love stats: Single 

sighs well.. That was an odd experience with kori link... sits down [Open RP]

messes with ocarina
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