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((Fantasy RP))

Murder. A common thing in the blind eyes of Veliet. A killer is all he was, and all he will be, at least in most eyes. But even those who see, are more blind than the ones who truly are blind..... He would know. Magic... That's how he killed. A god-like force of unstable. Potential from the dark and insane hands.... Nothing could touch him.... And he, could destroy anything that dared at his. Own will and command. No human by any means....

Wearing normal clothing, Veliet walked into a bar... A place were the foolish go to drown themselves in absolute darkness....their own arrogance thinking that they've seen the worst part of life, and the darkest corners of what it will offer them. Pathetic. No one will ever see the truly horrible things until you look into the whites of a crying, desperate criminal... And kill him in cold. Blood. and yes.... I am crazy..... Insane.... I won't ever deny that

A piano player in here, playing calming or upbeat music, noticed someone odd walk in. He caught your eye, looking different than most, sat down and looked on into his own world. He didn't care... No one did. Except you. Despite everything about him, an ominous feeling rippling through you just by looking in his general direction... But for whatever reason... You were drawn to him. So, against what was most likely a fatal mistake, you sat down next to him, and said....

((Open RP!))
((Female needed!))
((3+ lines))
((Not the most descriptive, but I don't have a lot of time on my hands...))
((Comment blind if you've read it all and you're interested))
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Name = Dante
Gender = Male Nephilim
Age = 26
Lives = Japan
Straight, Bi Or Gay = Bi
Status = Single
Personality = Sweet
Yaoi or Hentai Roleplay = Both
Weapons = 2 Pistols and 1 Sword Rebellion
Family = Vergil but hes dead to me i hate him i dont see him as my brother no more
Game = Devil May Cry
Anime = Devil May Cry
Powers = my hair becomes White and everything around me flies in the air and i get red demon Devil eyes

I am searching for a boyfriend That can treat me nice and loves me for what and Who i am Who wants to have a Relationship with me Let me know ok Alright i am tired of Being single i dont want it anymore i want to be loved by someone That exuatly cares about me i dont want to wait anymore please someone anyone love me...

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outside in the forest walking around

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is still sleeping and late for school

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Sits on a bench in front of the school

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Name: Nick Turner. (Nickname: volt)
Age: 17
Gender: male
Weapons: anything I can think to build or create. preferably using my electricity
Bio: I'd...rather not
Likes: my friends, and anyone who is nice to me
Dislikes: jackasses that try to hurt my friends. sorry if swearing isn't allowed
Special talents/powers: electric control and healing abilities not to myself though

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U see me walking in the ran alone

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name: ruby
powers: fire
wepons: al kins of them
age: 9
like: every thing
dislike: not thing
gender: female

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kibay-running around in the school(OPEN RP )

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Haru-finishing her assignment while kibay is sleeping on her lap
(open rp)
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