I want to describe and talk about the picture, I need a skeptic's input to make sure it is a ghost.

Description: When I was in first grade my niece was in our living room standing in front of a tall lamp (the house was told old and didn't have light switches in the room), the ghost was my of light and was to the right of my niece under the lamp in a way where it could not have come from the lamp, however the lamp was the only source of light in that room and the other lights (from the hallway and stairs ) were off or on the other sides of the walls.

Maybe the light did come from the lamp, if it did, how did it.

Here, I will try to make a diagram.

____^(^=top of lamp where light comes out, it comes out the top)
______l. (ghost)
______a. (ghost)

my niece was directly infront of the lamp with the ghost above and to the right of here, the top of the lamp was not in the picture and the ghost was at the top of the picture with very little above him, the ghost was just the head and shoulders, and looked like my brother's ghost (he died when I was 3). I really need your help figuring out whether I am right or if it is possible from light to travel below the lamp in that way.
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