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My name is : Mako Mankanshoku
Power skills:None
Bio: Ryuko's best friend also friends with senketsu im goofy and lazy and have the ability to make affects happen
Guild?:um honnoji academy later nudist beach
(One star not 2)

Hi im new here and i think i did my profile right

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has a xblade and waits for someone to fight me
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walks in nervous

heh walks to the academy with a sissor blade

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gets in a fighting pose Anyone feel comfortable sparring with an old man!?
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Name: Sonic the hedgehog

Age: 24

Species: mobian hedgehog

Forms: regular,super,dark and hyper

Looks: pics below

Powers: Superspeed,chaos control,spin-dash,can change forms only with the chaos emrelds,homing attack

Weapons: sword

Personality:  honest, loyal to friends, keeps his promises,and dislikes tears

likes: Friends,chili dogs,speed

dislikes: eggman, evil,shadow(kinda)

Bio: A hedgehog who is known as the fastest thing alive, he will fight for all that is right and protect all
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Name:Osamu Shungai




Alias:Wind,the one-eyed man

Powers:flying,teleportation,telekinesis,shinco(when my hands light up and can create or become weapons....the hands can stab you,melt metal,cause earthquakes,blast things) Superstrength,Nen,Teigu,Reading Steiner,Geass,Neo matrix powers,seeing the future

Bio:There was an alien race called the sonju.....a peaceful race until on fateful day that started a war.....the war would destroy planet sonju and I was the only survivor......years later,one of my freinds was shade shiguni........she helped me learn how to use my powers.....until one day she betrayed me and shot my eye out..... now I seek revenge......

Personality:cold,tough,Angry at times,not trusting

"Last time I trusted someone it cost me an eye...why would I trust you?"
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is in an alleyway trying to get to a store when out of nowhere these thugs surrounds me with knifes and pistols Leader thug: give me your money or we will kill you to get it! Me: You guys are real idiots for trying to mug me turns on my demon arm and jumps up and lands behind the thugs

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is surrounded by men in black suits holding aiming rifles at me Leader: Surrender demon or else we will use force. Me: I told you I am half demon idiots. turns on my demon arm Leader: Fine than. Open fire!! they all shoot at me but before they do I jump up and land behind them I'll take you all on!! they aim again and I smile
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