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Auralee picked at the meal in front of her, hesitant to even eat the mystery mush that the lunch ladies had given her. The sound of a tray being plopped in front of her caught her attention. She looked up to see.... 

Alex lays down in his cell bed. Smelling the fresh air of the body odor that the other prisoners had. He hated all the guards/officers. He kinda wanted to join the "Nazi's" but he kinda didnt wanted to for some odd reason. He used to love Hitler/Jeffery D./Other serial killers..He couldnt go out because it was only his 2nd day here. He wont able to go out for 5 more days. You..

(Doesnt care how many people join dis)

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Name: Alex

Age: 17 15 irl

Gender: Male female irl

Sentence: unknown

Crime: Murder/Stealing/Rape

Likes: unknown

Dislikes: Guards/Police

Appearance: he has green eyes/Brown hair/Hes 5'6/Weights 109.

Personality: unknown

Skills: killing/beating/shooting

Bio: When Alex was a kid, he'd spend time with his parents, he'd play football/soccer/basketball/baseball with his dad and he'd help his mom around the house..what he didnt know was that his dad had a drinking/smoking problem and his mom had a gambling problem. But they didnt abuse him or anything, but one night, he was staying in a friends house. His dad was sober and the dad had gotten his wife also sober, so the dad drove home. But they didnt make it home, they got into a accident and died, the next morning, Alex went home and looked around for his parents..they werent home. So he checked outside and when the neighbors come out, they ran to him and told him about his parents. He bawled his eyes out and he just ran away from his town. Ever since that day, he just forgot about it and he'll bawl his eyes out if he talks about it. But anyways, some person was talking about his parents. He grabbed a knife, and stabbed the person. Then afterwards, he took the body back home and then raped it. His neighbor noticed the smell and they found the dead body. Called the cops and here he is.
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Name: Vinny Purple (Yes that's my OC's name)
Age: 18
Looks: Purpleish
Personality: Aggressive, insane, unknown
Bio: The son of Vincent a murderer who had killed 6 children in total, being related and suspected of other murders has been brought here

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Profile: One
Name: Luft Sumners
Height: 4'9
Weight: 125 lbs
Bio: Was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Lived in a broken home, which led him to drug abuse and eventually, imprisonment for the possession of illegal substances.
Personality: Very shy and sensitive, and does not talk very much.

gets close to a guard and steals his chips and he doesn't notice bingo

Auralee sat outside in the outdoor area, watching the others either playing basketball or just hanging out in corners when she heard the sound of someone walking toward her

It's been two months since my cell was completely destroyed, two months in solitary confinement. They finally found me a cell. As I walk down the hall I see new faces mixed with old ones. Well its time to see my new cell. I whisper to myself.

Sojiro reads a book, doing her best to avoid getting any attention by the other prisoners. She looks at the clock, then pulls out a syringe, until...

Name: Sojiro Iseya
Age: unknown, but looks very young (teens)
Looks: (I'll put a pic later)
Personality: shy but agressive when provoked
Bio: No memory of her past, she was used in private experiements to alter the human body. As a result, she stopped aging, but secretly depends on injecting syrums in her system for survival. Forgetting to do so resuts in a loss of control in her body and sudden collaspsion, and well as a sudden weakness until more syrum is injected. She was caught smuggling data and experiement plans in the lab she was in in order to reverse the effects done to her.
Extra Stuff:
-Weapons: retractable sword made to fit (painfully) in her body, due to experiements, she is able to release power from her body, but results in sudden exhaustion after using too much
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